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camping foods

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Camping for the weekend, need ideas for a easy meal for the group (10 people) I can use a grill or oven/stove.
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We always took foods like dried fruit, granola, jerky, peanut butter and crackers to snack on during the day, and brought canned vegetables and rice, pasta, or quinoa for meals - you can cook a veggie/grain paella kind of thing all in one vessel on either a camp stove or a fire pit, leftovers can be safely thrown into the woods for scavengers and won't reek since there's no meat in them, and you don't need to worry about keeping things cold.
I sometimes also brought powdered milk, corn meal, oil, flour, and baking powder, and used it to make a skillet of cornbread.
Cast iron cookware works great for cooking over a fire pit.
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One of my favorite meals to cook on the fire or stove is this:
Chicken breast/tenders or hamburger patties (I freeze them and take them in the summer and it is one of our first meals)
canned stewed tomatoes
sliced potatoes
sliced carrots
(pretty much throw in any veg's you like, I take and cut them at the campsite)
I just throw it all into a pot and put the lid on. stir occasionally.
It is delicious, easy and you can still sit and chat and not have to feel like your really cookin'
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We grill out chicken and hamburgers and hot dogs.

I like to take tinfoil and make a pouch. Layer sliced potatoes onions and mushrooms, salt & pepper and add slices of butter. Cook over the grill or on a camp fire.

I also like to take a lot of canned items. Like caned potatoes, spam, baked beans.

Our camper has a ref, so I take milk, eggs, bacon and bread. You can do a lot with these things.
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I have also taken a pork tenderloin and cut onion and put on foil all around the tenderloin. Seal it up. Toss on grate above fire or on a iron skillet on top of coals/wood. The onion will burn but the tenderloin stays moist.

We camp all summer long and I have come up with a lot of ideas over the last several years. Good Luck!
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Originally Posted by ruthie View Post

I like to take tinfoil and make a pouch. Layer sliced potatoes onions and mushrooms, salt & pepper and add slices of butter. Cook over the grill or on a camp fire.



We do that and call it hobo dinner.  So yummy!



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We are big fans of baked potatoes. And this year I think I am going to start trying more meat outside of hotdogs. It is about that time again.
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almost anything can be placed on a stick, cooked in a can (vented to avoid explosions), or placed in a packet of foil/rocks/grass on coals.


Camping for more than one night usually means we're hunting any meat we plan on eating, so admittedly I'm probably more hardcore than what a lot of you do haha  Some things depend on what's meant by "camping" - campfire, grill or grated fire pit, rv stove and fridge...

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If just one night, we'll cook on the fire and have easy breakfast and lunch from the cooler. For more than one night, we bring the camp stove and can make pretty much anything, a big pot of spaghetti and bacon and eggs are always appreciated. Plus, we car camp, so I admit to bringing the cigarette lighter inverter for the car and plugging in an electric kettle to boil water for coffee in the french press. A cup of good coffee by the morning fire under the redwoods is a wonderful thing.

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we have a camp stove and we always make pancakes for breakfast (the  first time dh thought I was nuts)  dinner, foil package meals you can put anything in them. We like ground beef black beans taco seasoning on the meat and sliced potato's.  top with shredded lettuce, cheese, sour cream, and diced tomato's.  hot dogs and burgers, steaks, rolls, canned beans, veggies, oat meal, jerky, lots of snack food, 

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