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Milk of Magnesia & Diaper rash

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Anyone heard of using this ON diaper rash? A lady here at work suggested it. The baby has it real bad right now and she said to try this instead of A&D or Desitin.

What do you think???
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OH YES! I have heard of this and it works GREAT! You just mix some Maalox with some baby powder until it forms a paste and slap that on their rear end over the rash. Its awesome!! Better than anything else I've tried before for a really bad rash. Hope it helps your little one!
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Oh, I also use the Huggies cocoa butter wipes...they are a little more expensive but they don't sting when you wipe. Still use those for DS when I take off his Pull-up in the morning.
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I use Milk of Magnesia on sunburn and it is GREAT! It takes the burn away and is cool and soothing. Sometimes you have to put it on a couple of times, but it feels really good. I would say to try it and see. Put some on a cotton ball and use on affected areas. The only thing is if it dries on, you will have to use a warm wash cloth to remove it. If you try it, let me know if it works.
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oh yeah I heard of it, from my doctor who has 7 kids of his own.

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Try it with the baby powder too...that'll keep it from being too runny and from getting sticky.
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Isn't it amazing how all you have to do is ask a question here on this board - and SOMEONE will know the answer? That is great. . . .Good luck with the Milk of Magnesia!
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I also found that if it startes to look fungal. ( raw and bumpy) use the same cream that they sell for jock itch. It works in two ir three days.
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You can also use it on your face as a facial mask, its supposed to do something good for your skin, I forgot what though.
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Actually milk of magnesia and cornstarch baby powder was the ONLY thing that worked on my youngest- she was born with what I thought was a horrible diaper rash- turned out she had thrush so bad it showed up there! I would put on the milk and then put the powder on top- cleared it up in a matter of days (and I mean it was a horrible- raw mess!).
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