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Need Ideas..ultrasound and pregnancy scrapbook pages

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Hello! I am expecting my second child in March. I am trying to start his scrapbook now so that I'm not so far behind when he's born. I'm stuck on ideas for ultrasound and pregnancy pages. I feel like I've used all of my catchy phrases and good ideas for my first child's book and I'd like them to be different if at all possible. If anyone is willing to share any titles, ideas, poems, etc. that they used in their child's ultrasound and pregnancy pages, I'd really appreciate it. Any other ideas for pages that you completed before your child was born would also be appreciated. Thanks!
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I have three kids so I have lots of these pages in my scrap books! I did one of my sons scrapbook called " What was I thinking" I put a copy of his ultra sound and then wrote him a letter of what I was thinking when I saw him for the first time! I love this page and it is so special to me. If I can figure out to load it here I will show you.
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I am working on my baby's scrapbook too. I am not very creative but...

Ultrasound pictures/possible baby names pages - Baby's First Pictures, Pink or Blue We love you
Pictures of me at different stages in preg and weight/other info - Weighting for you

Once they are born, do you do a page for each month with info about that month (like drs appointment, babys firsts, etc) or how do you do that? I am trying to figure out how I want to move forward with it.

I love makeing this scrapbook though. Its so much more fun than just filling in dates in a book. But I am sure with number 2 I may have to do that as I may feel overwelmed trying to get it done then...I'm glad you have been able to do it for your second baby!
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Thanks for the great ideas. I have had 3 ultrasounds already and will probably have a 4th, so keep the ideas coming. That is alot of ultrasound pages to do.

As far as how I organized my first child's scrapbook, I put all of the pregnancy, ultrasound, baby shower, etc pages in the front. Then I did the birth. After that each month (for the first year) I did a page where I wrote the month up top, put a 5 by 7 picture of him with all of the pertinent info about what happened that month (rolling over, sleeping through the night, weight, eatting, etc.). Then after that page I put any other pictures I took that month and any holiday pictures. It seemed to work pretty well.
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Here is a link to a scrapbook I did for my cousin's daughter before her baby was born. It won't be pregnancy page ideas, but ideas for after baby arrives....
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