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Need Help - Ideas for a Silent Auction

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Our women's group is having a silent auction fundraiser on June 25th. I need some ideas for auction items. I want to include some unique items. There will be about 150-200 women there. I also want a wide range of items. Some women can bid on a weekend getaway, while others can bid on a pie. I want it to be fun for all of the women there. Any ideas will be very much appreciated.
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Theme baskets are a big hit at silent auction around here.

For example you can do a spa baskets. Get several different kinds of body wash, body lotion, scented candles, new towel and wash rag.

Or you can do a pedicure basket. Several types of nail polish, clipper set, even a ped egg.

Movie basket. A new release of a chick flick. Box of popcorn, box of chocolate covered raisins or peanuts.

Wine basket. Bottle of wine, set of wine glasses, cheese & crackers, smoked sausage, wine opener.
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One of the most sought after item in the school auctions I go to is a Panera Bread certificate for party trays of bagels, tubs of cream cheese, etc.
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Those are great ideas. Thanks. I want to put together a really big package as well, but I am having trouble with that. And I need door prizes.
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Check to see if you have a local bakery or candy shop and use gift certificates to those. My mom makes homemade candies and we did a raffle a few weeks ago at church and a $30 tray made over $100.
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I have done several benefit motorcycle runs. We always go around and ask local businesses for gift certificates or donations. We owned a Tattoo Shop and donated gift certificates for all kinds of occasions. School raffles, Benefits for people that have medical needs. We were even asked for a certificate from a church for a church raffle. LOL

Gift baskets are great too. Take a cooler fill it with picnic supplies or a basket with gift cards from different places. A small BBQ grill from the Dollar Store and fill it with BBQ supplies and bbq apron. Tanning package, Spa package, Babysitting package, Chocolate lovers basket, coffee or tea basket. Think about what kind of gift baskets you see premade at christmas and do them yourself.
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Any autographed books or sports memorabilia are great, tickets to local family things like amusement parks, sporting events, chuckEcheese, friendly's, starbucks, panera, any wine gift baskets and italian theme baskets are popular. Video game gift packs with games and accessories, kids theme baskets, Sports theme baskets, women's spa, gardening, fishing themed baskets, manicure/pedicure, any eating out is popular, barbecue, father's day basket, subscription to magazine, cameras, ipods..... i just went to one where they raffled a bed and breakfast stay/dinner/wine.....(darn, didn't win!)..hope these helped..I just went to 2 fundraisers recently and these were the popular ones
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The spa baskets go well at our school's silent auctions, particularly the ones with gift certificates for massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, etc. Wine goes well, too.

We also have tremendous luck with theme parties that people get together and host. For example, 6 couples agree to host a "Margarita Party" at one of their homes, and 20 couples bid to pay x-amount of $$ to attend. They've also had great luck with a "Newlywed Game Party" (like the t.v. show, with cash prizes), and a wine with dinner party also always sells well. People actually dash to those silent auction sheets to sign up! Oh, once they had a "Survivor Party" based on that t.v. show as well.

Teachers at our school couple up and host different "Afternoons of Fun" for 10 to 15 kids, and take them miniature golfing, bowling, to the movies, etc. The kids love it and the parents enjoy having alone time : )
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Excellent auction ideas Great.......
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hey,that is a great idea!
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