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Swingset Alternatives for Backyard Fun for Older Kids

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When me moved into our house, we left the swingset behind. We didn't replace it because we had a pool, but this year we don't have that (we don't want another pool - they're too much work to maintain). the kids are ages 5 1/2 and 9 1/2, so I feel like if we got a swingset they'd be too old for it.

We basically have nothing fun for the kids for outdoor play in terms of "big" toys. My dh is opposed to getting a trampoline. What are some other suggestions for something we could get that our kids would still have fun with outside? What do your kids play with in the yard?
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My 8 year old LOVES to play with the bike ramp (just a cheapie one from Toys R Us). The boys just line up to go over it again and again. They do it on their bikes and skateboards.
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A tree fort/tree house?
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Those pogo swings are a huge hit too. We don't have one, but several of ds's friends have them and the kids love them. They hang from a tree branch and they have a round part to sit on, but there is a spring that lets the kids get them bouncing while they swing.
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We took our swing set down too (what a wonderful day THAT was!!). My little guy still loves his sand It's huge. A few years ago we bought a bounce house from Walmart (we're opposed to trampolines too). They're great because when your done w/ them, back in the bag they go. It was about $200, cool part, we know it's cleaner than those things at the fair..yuck! For Christmas, I got the boys huge inflatable balls that you can get in (picture giant hamster balls). They have been having a blast on those. I think I got them from JCPenny for about $30 each.

I love the bike ramp idea, I might look into that.

My oldest spends most of his time roller blading. He must have legs of steel because we don't have a black top drive way. He even roller blades through the
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If you have trees those zip lines are quite fun.

Personally, I wouldn't go for the trampoline but if you do be sure to get a rider on your homeowners policy.
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Oh yeah, we have a zipline too. They really like it. Here is the ramp. Kryptonics Flybox - Compass Outdoor Products - Toys "R" Us
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Just depends on what your kids like to do...what are their thoughts on it?

When we moved, we didn't take our swingset/fort. We love the open space in the yard and kids play all kinds of games involving balls, badmitten, frisbee, water guns, croquet, beanbag toss etc They play tag, hide and seek, have scavenger hunts. We have a basketball hoop and that gets a ton of use. They ride bikes, scooters etc

We can't get a trampoline or above ground pool...not allowed by our HOA. I'm cool with that though, because I find them really unattractive. LOL To each their own! We have a neighborhood lake, pool and tennis courts that we can use.
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Tetherball is fun too!
Volleyball, badminton, croquet, or make your own mini golf
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We took down the swingset last year too. In its place we bought an above ground pool. We also got a soccer goal and a badmition/volleball set. We hav bocce ball and horseshoes also. The firepit is big with the kiddos also. They also have fun with simple things like bubbles. Also, I got a basketball hoop at a garage sale this year. It is really nice and has an adjustable height. All the kids like it.
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