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"Recipe" for bleach spray

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I use the Clorox hard surfaces spray or whatever it's called to clean my kitchen and bathroom counters and toilet. I ran out and money is extra tight this week so I don't want to buy any. I have a gallon of bleach and so I want to make some more of the spray but I don't know the ratio of bleach to water to use. I don't want to make a huge amount of it, just enough to refill the 22-ounce bottle. Can anyone tell me how many parts bleach to water to replicate the Clorox spray?
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I am not sure, but once I tried it and put too much bleach (don't remember how much), and it ended up eating through the bottle.
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Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of. I know it's a really weak solution and I'd save a lot of money just making it myself.
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HTH this is what I found on someone blog.. They made it buy using 1 1/2 teaspoons of bleach 22 oz. water in the 22oz bottle.

Make Your Own Clorox Anywhere Recipe — Deal Seeking Mom

I will be doing this also I saved the bottle and just haven't had the time to look up how to make more I sorta forgot about it.
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Unbelievable! 99% water!

Thanks for the link!
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The bottle of Clorox stuff is $2+. I paid a dollar for a gallon of bleach, if I'm only using 1 1/2 teaspoons of it per bottle plus probably just a few cents' worth of water, I'll be saving a lot.
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Has anyone tried this yet?
I was reading some of the comments below the recipe and got all confused ( I am no scientist ) They were saying that it is less effective after a few days, or something to that matter, and then a Scientist person came on there and starting splurtting out math problems in science terms....whoa, I was lost.

Anyway, I just want the simple terms of if it works or not!
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I haven't tried the clorox spray I make my own multipurpose spray that doesn't use bleach though.

The recipe for it is

1 1/2 pints water
1/3 cup rubbing alcohol
1 teaspoon clear household ammonia
1 teaspoon mild dishwashing liquid
1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
1 clean 32 oz spray bottle.

I love this spray and the alcohol does the disinfecting for you. Remember not to mix ammonia and bleach together though.

Happy Cleaning!
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I have a serious phobia of bleach...I ruin things just by looking at a bottle of bleach! Can you make a "bleach spray" using a bleach for unbleachables?
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Bleach/water solutions have to be replaced everyday or the bleach loses its effectiveness. I worked in nursing homes and daycares where we used these and we had to dump the spray bottles daily and refill each morning.
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