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Grocery budget for family of 5

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Ladies, please tell me where do YOU think the grocery budget for a family of 5? I am a stay at home mom, so I do not purchase many conveinience foods. I have recently started to notice, sometimes they can be chaeper. But, so so bad for you.

What would be high end for a grocery budget? What would bve low end?

Thanks Ladies!
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for my family of 5, I try to stay within $400 and that includes pretty much everything. I can usually do it, I might go over if its a good sale and I want to stock up on anot of stuff. But I also make menus, clip coupons and compare sales as much as I can.
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We are a family of five and I spend about $100 per week, sometimes up to $150 if I am stocking up on things. One of the most expensive things for us is lunch meat but better than eating out every day.
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I don't have a family of five, but I think $400 sounds like a good target amount.
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For our family of five I usually spend about $75 - $100 a week, after using coupons and Catalina deals. I always make out a grocery list and only buy when things are on sale and I can use a coupon with it.
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I have a food liimit of $400 for 5 teenagers/adults in the house. I use alot of coupons and buy1 get 1 free deals. I buy most of my groceries at once when I do my meal plan at the beginning of the month.
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I think that the ages of the 5 people are important. I'm surprised that the above poster can make her budget work with 5 teenagers...or 3 teenagers and 2 adults (good for you though for doing it!!!!!!).
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I have 5 in my house, me and four young kids. We eat a lot of fruit and veggies so our most money is spent there. I combine sales with coupons, normally spend around $50 a week. Last week I spent $80 but stocked up on boneless skinless chicken and a few other meats. This week I only spent $30. So it averages out depending on what I need. I used to buy all organic and nicer meat (steaks, etc) and spend about $150 a week before my dh and I separated. I think $100 and under is a good goal.
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For my family of 5 we typically spend $300/mo. That is for everything: food, toiletries, diapers/wipes, cat supplies. It is rough but we seem to make it work. We eat alot of PBJ or grilled cheese for lunch or LO's to save on costs. I also use coupons and make a monthly menu. I shop sales and cook from things I have in my pantry. I guess it depends on which area of the country you live in too. I live in the midwest and in a small town so prices are pretty good here.
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We have a family of 8 and we spend about $700-$800 a month for everything including diapers, formula, and pet food. So $400 sounds like a good target.
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