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Messy House Guests

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Have you ever had a messy house guest?

How did you handle it? Did you run around cleaning up behind them? Were you able to relax and enjoy them or did the mess interfere with your visit?
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I gave SIL a room, or a corner when I didn't have an extra room, told her park her stuff there and just bite in tongue when her stuff expanded beyond those limits.
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The only messy house guest we had wasn't exactly a guest. She was a friend of M'ija's who moved in with us during her senior year of high school because her step-dad was a pervert. She and M'ija shared a bathroom, and it was always a wreck - two teenage girls' supply of makeup, hair stuff, etc. in a small bathroom with inadequate storage space.
I cleaned the fixtures and mopped the floor, and gave them containers for their beauty products, but I didn't organize their stuff. If it was in my way, I just pushed it aside.

I have been fortunate that when we have people stay with us, they pick up after themselves and either pick up after their kids, or make their kids pick up after themselves. Even M'ija, who used to be a total slob, picks up after herself now, both at her house and mine.
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I have never had people stay at my home yet but whenever my mom has guests she always expects them to do nothing while they are her guests. It has never been an issue. SOme are more neat than others but it has never been downright bad.
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My cousin spent the summer with us a few years ago and it about drove me crazy. She took a shower and left her wet towels on the floor. She never offered to help with dinner or dishes. I didn't expect her to do everything but som of the things were just plain inconsiderate. I didn't say anything at the time just picked stuff up as I saw it. I guess a lot of it depends on how our parents were while we were growing up.
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my sister and her family just stayed with us for 9 days - while it was a long, and enjoyable visit, she did her best to help with the mess her family was creating, although I did not expect her to know where things went or were kept..It worked out in the long run
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my MOM her house is bad... she is a pack rat and when she come here it is bad she makes her room a mess I think to feel like she is at home and for some reason my table and coffee tables become her dumping ground also.
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Yes and thankfully it was only an overnight guest. I just dealt with it
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We have a small house and have not really had a house guest since having kids....I suppose I would end up running behind them and trying to clean up!!
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I have... I just made sure they kept the bedroom door shut. I ignored it until they left and cleaned up afterwards!
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