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MommySaver of the Week! ~Chopey~

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What is your first name? Chrystal

What are your kids’ names and ages? Aythen, 3 months

How did you find Mommysavers? Have you referred anyone here? Were you referred here? I think I found mommysavers when I was looking for coupons online.

What does your user name mean? Chopey is a nickname that was given to me by a friend's mom, and now most people call me that. Even my nephew, I'm his "chopey".

Out of all the things the members here have offered in terms of advice, support, counsel and criticism, what have you personally benefited from? And do you remember specifically who the member was that offered that advice? I don't remember one specific person, but my most used advice given by a few members (or all!) is to not worry what other people say or think about my parenting, or what someone else thinks is best for my son, just to do what I feel is best for him and my family.

How many coupons do you use on a regular basis? None, sadly.

What was your most recent "bargain"? I wish I was a better bargain shopper, but my most recent was that I bought 3 nights at a hotel in Destin Florida, for a really good deal, right on the beach.

What have you done to save money this week? I've saved a few bucks, by eating my leftovers from the week this weekend for lunches. Also, went out to eat with my parents this weekend and they paid!! yay!

What do you consider a way of life that others think is a crazy way to save? Nothing I can think of, I'm not too drastic or bizarre! lol..

What is your favorite store in which to find bargains? I mostly shop for groceries at walmart, and for clothes (which I rarely shop for) it's usually target or oldnavy. For my son, I shop for clothes at walmart, target, or JCP on sale items.

What is the best deal you ever found (even if it wasn’t at your favorite store)? The one that comes to mind is a purchase a few months ago (even before DS was born!!) was a set of winter clothes that were on huge clearance at, in the size he will be this coming winter!! I was really proud of that! haha!

What is your best money saving tip? Just don't shop. I rarely shop for clothes for myself, or DH, as we have plenty of clothes as it is. I don't eat fast food often, or have starbucks or anything like that. I don't get my nails done, and only get pedicures ever so often. Honestly, DH and I don't spend much money outside of regular bills and the occasional date night.

What is your favorite frugal meal? Most of my meals are fairly frugal, but spaghetti is probably the most frugal. I just brown some hamburger, mix with tomato sauce and seasonings/spices, boil the noodles in the sauce and top with cheese.

Do you enter contests? If so, what is the best prize you’ve ever won? No contests here.

If money were no object, what 3 things would you buy yourself or your family? I would completely pay off the house we are about to build, and the rest of our debt; I would pay of our parents' homes and lake homes, and put the rest in DS"s college fund.

If you had $10 to spend on yourself (you and you alone) what would you buy? Probably a new shirt, or a meal out.Are there words you live by? What are they? Yep, expect the unexpected. As soon as you think you have everything down pat, a kink will be thrown into your plan.

Sum yourself up in 1 word: Loving.
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I can't wait until you can post some pics of that new house!

It was great getting to know you better.
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When do you get to move into your new house?

Great to hear more about you!
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Nice to 'meet' you. I really like your sons name!
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Congrats, great getting to know you better. You need to post more pics of that gorgeous little baby of yours!!
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I love how you spell your name. So pretty.

It was great getting to know you more. I too love JCP for deals!
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Congratulations on being MOTW, it was good getting to know you!!!
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Congratulations on MOTW! I wish I had the willpower that you have to not spend money outside of bills. I am working on it.
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Congrats on MommySaver of the week! Nice to get to know more about you
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One of my favorite Mommys!
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