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How old should your kids be before you go camping?

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I've never been parents were condo people. But I would love to try it sometime. What's the best age for kids to enjoy camping? Are there any special activities that make it that much better? What all do you take with you?
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I'd say at least 20
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I'd say at least 20

We just took ds for the 1st time last weekend. He is 3, and he had an absolute blast! The whole sleeping in the tent thing was just the coolest for him!
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I think around 3 is good, but I know many who didn't mind taking their infants along. we tried that but imo to much work....I didn't enjoy myself!
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Ds first went camping when he was 3 months old, we just brought our take along swing. We took a break from camping when he was at the crawling stage, he didn't like to play in the pack n play very long and wanted to be on the move. Once he mastered walking we started up again. We strictly car camp where there is bathrooms and running water, no backpacking.

We have always used the same pack n play for him to sleep in whenever we traveled and he regularly napped in it at my parent's house, so it helped with falling asleep in the tent. We can pretty much go anywhere as long as we have that pack n play (I don't know what we're going to do when he outgrows it, he's 3 so it's coming ) We also bring a battery powered fan to create some white noise for him.

I like for ds to be clean, but don't restrict his play because of it. I let him get dirty daily, but change his clothes at least once a day. So, that was the hardest thing for me to let go. Kids get really dirty when you camp, but that's okay. I just clean him up really well each evening and throw some clean jammies on him so at least he's clean while he sleeps.
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The 1st time we took DS camping he was just 17 days old. It was a lot of work and I was frazzled a lot of the time but we made it work.
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My mom took my sister when she was five months old and in the tent was the first time she slept through the night. Mom was thrilled and couldn't wait to go again!
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I'm 38 and don't think I'm ready for camping yet.

Seriously, I do know people who have taken babies camping. I guess it's all a matter of how much "roughing it" you're prepared to take on. It would get easier as the kids get older, but it's up to you to decide what you're up for.
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It depends on the type of camping I would think. DH is a rough it in the woods kind of camper, and there is no way I would want to carry my dirty diapers around with me until we were done camping. If you are talking the kind of camping were you still have bathroom facilities and running water, I would think any time after they are walking would be fun. We did day hikes with the kids starting at about 18 months, but didn't do overnight camping until they were about 4.
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I'm taking our 2 month old baby girl camping next week actually...but we'll be staying in my parents RV so its not really "camping camping". One of my girlfriends took her 1 month old baby boy camping in their trailer a few weeks ago and everything went fine....If I were going tent camping, I'd say probably around 4 or 5.
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