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Lunch box in middle school?

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Just wondering if any of you have run into your kids not wanting to use a lunch box as they get older, but to want to use a brown bag instead (for those who bring lunches)? DS 11 still wants to bring his in a lunch box, but a friend told him is wasn't "cool" in middle school. Obviously I don't care about the "cool" factor, I just don't want him to be picked on... he has just a plain black LB, so not anything that sticks out. This might be a crazy question, but he is my first in middle school, so I want to have him prepared... TIA!
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My DD (going into 8th grade) will take a brown bag but would starve if she was forced to pack a lunch box into school.
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At DS's middle school no one carries a lunch box. They give the kids a mesh bag at the beginning of the school year to carry whatever in. Some kids carry lunch from home in it and some use it for gym clothes. Back packs are not allowed in the middle schools here but they are in the high schools. Don't quite understand that one.
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In middle school or Jr high, my dd took her lunch in a brown paper sack. Now in high school she has a lunch box again.
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I ditched mine in middle school too, but after I graduated, i packed my lunch everyday in a old school my little pony metal lunch box. Being different is good these days! If he wants to bring it, then let him, he'll decide if he wants to continue with it. It sounds pretty simple, plus it will keep his lunch warm or cold
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DS#1 ditched any type of lunch box in grade 5 along with the tuna and egg sandwiches LOL...he was okay using the material lunch bags in black or red only though.
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They have really cute "brown bag" style bags, but plastic in the dollar spot at Target..I bought one for my kids for field trips. The girls in my middle school use the Vera Bradly bgs...boys mainly the kind shown above or brown bags. I say let him bring what he wants and he'll decide.

Along the same lines....I was worried about my son being teased in Kindergarten about still loving Thomas and he insisted on using his Thomas backpack and was also a comfort factor..he was happy and didn't care..when they got old and warn out, he switched mid-year to Spongebob and Pirates of the Caribbean!
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5th grade is when my son got really weird about lunch boxes, and what I packed him. Basically EVERYTHING has to be disposable. He doesn't want to save any containers to bring home or anything like that.
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Thanks for your feedback, moms!! Pretty much what I suspected. I'll give the LB a try and let him decide from there! Thanks!
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my kids have the same kind of lunch bags as momof2boys2005.

ds is blue and dd( when she has to eat lunch at school) is orange and green.

they work great and are washable!
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