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Kraft chicken noodle dinner (boxed)

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Do they even still make this? My kids used to love this when they were small, so I bought it frequently. My daughter mentioned it the other day and I realized that I hadn't seen it around in years.
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My brother nor I can find it.We both loved it too.Maybe google it and have to buy it over the internet?
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I'll do some checking around when I get a chance and post on here if I find anything. I used it mostly for quick mid-week dinners with Shake 'n' Bake chicken and a green veg. I always thought it was one of the better boxed side items available. But what do I know?
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Thanks! The box does look a little odd, but it must be fresh because it won't be in stock until 8/09. I notice it qualifies for free shipping over $25, so I will poke around and find something else to make up the difference and it will only be about $1.50 box delivered; not bad. I appreciate your taking the time to look this up.
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Originally Posted by atta76 View Post

Found this but the box looks like it's from the 80's!

Kraft Noodle with Savory Chicken, 7-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12): Grocery

Whoo hoo!Thanks for finding it.Now don't laugh but that is how the box always was since i was a kid.Umm but I am going on 38 next week so ya know

I am gonna get me some.
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I went ahead and ordered and signed up for the 'autoship' program to get $3 off this and future orders, so 12 boxes is only $15 and change delivered. I chose the 3 month option, so I will get more in November. That will give me 24 boxes and I will share with my daughter; I'm sure her kids would like this, too. You can cancel any time, so I may cancel after November. Harris Teeter always has a suggestion box for products you want them to carry, so I may be able to get them to start stocking it (now that I know for sure it is still made).
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I think this item has been discontinued. I was ordering through amazon but now looking for it and it is unavailable even through kraft.
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