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Need Breakfast ideas for preschooler

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DS has never been a big breakfast eater and I have never pushed it but he started PreK today so I feel like it is important for him to eat a good breakfast now. Any tried and true ideas? I feel like I have tried everything (pnut butter toast, muffins, waffles, dry cereal, cheese...) I did resort to buying some Carnation instant breakfasts yesterday but have not tried them yet. He will eat donuts but I tell him those are more of a treat and not for everyday. Help!
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My youngest is not much of a breakfast eater, but he will usually go for string cheese or yogurt. He never seems to have the appetite for carbs in the morning but for some reason dairy works for him, and it helps him get through until lunchtime. I have also put sprinkles on a bagel and cream cheese to make it look more like a donut - bad, I know, but it got him to eat it.
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What about cereal bars? Mine like yogurt, too. And for some reason they don't like cereal in a bowl with milk but like to eat it dry from a cup.
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I have a nine year old that is the same way. Usually you can't keep her out of the food, but when it comes to breakfast, she doesn't want it. I have found that on the weekends she does better, but she eats it later. I have found that if she gets up a little earlier, then she will be hungry before she leaves the house. Fresh, hot muffins were always a hit here.
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My DS and DD are not much breakfast eaters, but neither is DH. They like to eat cinnamon toast, cheese slices, and yogurt. Sometimes DD will eat a banana or apples.
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DS loves breakfast, in fact that is probably the one meal he eats every day.

He loves blueberry waffle, frozen pancakes, eggs, toast with apple butter, Pillsbury toaster strudel without the extra icing and fruit loops no milk. I always serve one of these with one brown and serve sausage and some fruit.

Other things that might work for breakfast-Cheese roll up (cheese put on flour tortilla, nuked 15 seconds and rolled up), I have made a pasta carbanora (boil spaghetti noodles, drain, add one egg and some cheese and stir vigorously until the egg is cooked can be topped with bacon bits or pre cooked protein crumbles), my husband loves breakfast burritos and breakfast sandwiches. Easy to make especially with egg beaters.
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