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content with a small house

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I was reading an artice in a mag about being content with a smaller house.

the average house is just over 2500 sq ft, in 1950, it was just over 1000 sq feet.

We live in about 1400 sq feet, and after reading that article, I am seeing more and more positives about a small house.

~less electricity on heat and a/c
~less clutter if you are mindful about the room that you have
~usually a smaller mortage
~usually less taxes
~use your outdoor space more often
~with children, you can see what they are doing

anyone else see the benefits of a small house?

the only thing that is a downfall is having company spend the night. BUT, there's a motel right up the road LOL
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Well, my house is about 2300 sq feet but there are 7 of us. So, it is pretty small. I think it is perfect for us and would not want anything larger. I will move to something smaller as more kids move out.
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Our first house was just over 900 sq ft. We moved because it was only 2 bedroom and we had 1 boy and 1 girl, and didn't want them to have to share a room anymore. DS was 11yrs old so it was time to seperate them!
There are so many times when i think back on how much easier it was to clean. I was much better organized (i had to be!). It was easier to heat and cheaper on taxes. The mortgage payments were definitely cheaper too!
We are in a 1,600 sq ft (4 bedroom) house now, and talk about downsizing once the kids are out of school. There's just a certain charm about small houses too.
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Our house fits three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a den, a kitchen, and a laundry room into 1100 square feet. It works nicely for the two of us and occasional overnight guests. I wouldn't want anything bigger - more space would just be temptation to accumulate more useless crap, and I don't think we could maintain anything bigger.
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We live in a 1600 sq ft. There are 4 of us. (My sister who is rooming, my 2 kids and me) I keep catching myself wanting a bigger house. I need to be more content and happy with the space we have.
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I LOVE our small house (just over 1000 sq feet - all open concept on main floor). It keeps us clutter free and keeps cleaning down to a minimum! The only thing I would change is I'd really like to have a permanent guest room.

There are 4 of us and no pets except for fish. If there were any more of us, we'd need a larger house.

We also drive a small car but that's a whole other thread!
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our house is just a little bigger than our one bedroom apt, and there's 3 bedrooms. the only thing that bothers me is that our bedroom is sized in such a way to where we could only fit the bed in there one way, unless it's pressed against one side of the closet doors... i like to move furniture around to make things feel new, but that makes things a little tough.
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We have a 1600 sq ft house. 3 bedrooms, 2 bath. It's fine! We've been talking about upgrading for years now and as the time grows closer to when we think we'll put it on the market, we decide not to move and stay another year. I would LOVE a bigger house and although it means more to clean and I can't keep this one clean, I do want a little more room to spread out, etc. But then I do enjoy the smaller payment and the closeness it forces on us. My boys are still young and I really wanted them to share a room for a long time, but when they wake each other up at night they're not getting enough sleep so we may need to upgrade before long.

Up until last night though, we had been planning to move next year. DH told me last night that he'd really like to get moving on paying off this house after we get our emergency fund together. He's now talking about living here another 5 or so years. I don't think we'll make it that long... the boys would be 7, 9 and 11. I don't know... I guess we'll see!
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We have 1600 sq ft house, it also has a full basement. It gives us all plenty of room. Altho, I do wish that the bed rooms were a tad bit bigger. We are finishing off a little over 1/2 of our basement - so that the kids can more easily go down there to play.....

The only way we would want it any bigger is if grandparents end up moving in with us - make it "elderly accessible".
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ours is 1100 square feet and i love our house. i would not trade it for anything.
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