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When do you decorate for Fall?

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Is it when the kids start school, as soon as the stores set out stuff, the first official day of Fall or the first day of Oct.?
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I put out Samhain decorations, except for carving the jack-o-lantern, around the first of October. I carve the jack-o-lantern a couple of weeks before Samhain so that it doesn't deteriorate before the 31st.

I don't decorate for Thanksgiving, other than a centerpiece for the table when we have everyone over to eat.
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I do it in early September...

It's a kinda a slow transformation at our house. I start to transition out my summer flowers from the big planters and replace them with mums.

I put up my fall wreath, and I hang these fall teardrop decorations from my lights on my garage and on either side of my front door. They're really pretty with gourds, mini pumpkins, fall leaves etc I get a lot of compliments on them.

In October, sometimes I do the whole cornstalk, hay bale, pumpkins, mums etc around our lamp post or mailbox. And some years I don't! LOL! Just depends on my mood, how organized I am about it etc
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I dont have a lot of fall decorations. I will start to put them out in the next week or so. Halloween stuff I will put out the last week of September. I am hoping to pick up more fall decorations, etc after it all goes on sale. I need a wreath of some sort.
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I slowly start in September, whenever the weather starts changing. Around here though, the weather ALREADY feels chilly so I might start early!! I usually have a transition with apple stuff in September, and then leaves, pumpkins, scarecrows appear as time allows through the month.
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Around the last week of September!
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The first week in Sept, my house makes the transformation! I loe fall it is my favorite season so I go all out! I am getting excited about it.
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I usually do little fall decorating.

I've never decorated for Halloween until I married dh. So now we put up a few halloween decorations in October. Then after dd's birthday (oct 26th) we put up fall decorations. Our pumpkins, scarecrows, leaves, etc.

Then on Thanksgiving weekend we take all that down and put up our christmas tree and decorations.
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Usually mid September.
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My husband is super busy until 9/15, then he takes a couple days off and usually does it then.
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