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MyPoints toolbar question

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I really want to be done with mypoints but I only have a couple hundred points left until I can get another Target gift card. So I decided to go ahead and download the toolbar and use it until I get the points I need.

Have any of you done this? I just did it 20 minutes ago and it doesn't even have points pending for me. I thought I would ask here first if it will take a bit for the points to go through before I uninstall. It's not worth it to me to email mypoints and get the low down.
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I don't have it but I think you have to keep it for a while before you get the points.
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Yes, I've had it twice. You have to make so many searches a month to get points. The number of points you get depends on how many searches you make. It's a pretty easy way to get points but it kept crashing my computer so I had to get rid of it both times. There's usually a bonus to download it though so that should help you out some.
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Thanks. I was having computer issues and wasn't sure if that was my problem (it wasn't) so I already uninstalled. I guess I'll just keep clicking those 5 pt ads for a couple more
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I've done this since June and I get my points. I should be instant, but if it's not, you'll need to email customer support ( or fill-out their on-line form (

Or, you may need to install the lastest toolbar ( There's one for IE and another one for Firefox. Hope this helps.
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The points show up @ the end of the month in your acct and a few hours later on your toolbar search status.
Sept is double points for searches...I had it when it first came out and just re-installed it this month b/c of the double points offer. The first day I didn't think it was catching my searches but after I shut down the computer and came back the next day- they were showing.
It is a pain in the tush sometimes though (when I do a Yahoo search it renavigates me to mypoints) so once I hit 60 searches I unchecked it (view toolbar) so it isn't showing up right now.
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