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Frugal Homemade Fall/Halloween decorations

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Does anyone have any ideas for simple, homemade, inexpensive, or natural decorations for fall and Halloween?

We gather branches and put them in vases. We also have some fake fall leaves that we use under mini pumpkins in bowls and places around the house. I got the leaves on clearance and we reuse them every year.

Here are some paper pumpkins I just made.

I got the idea for these from Parents magazine. They were quick and fun to make. Just cut out six circles or ovals, fold them in half with the pretty side inside, then glue the halves together. Then you trim off the bottom so it stands up, and cut out a stem.
To get one pumpkin out of a 12x12 piece of paper, use a 4x6 oval.

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Here's another fall decoration I made last year. I just covered chipboard leaf shapes with scrapbooking paper, and poked a hole to hang them with.

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We have some die cut leaves that every year we put on them what we are thankful for and we put them up in the kitchen on the cabinets. We have also gotten a branch and hung them on the tree for a center piece. It is something that we read to each other on Thanksgiving.
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I go to our local feed store and buy a $7 bale of hay to stuff our own scarecrows. I usually pick up a few extras to use as decorations. You can also use trash bags stuffed with leaves and paint them to look like pumpkins.
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I have tons of ideas. I have done most of them in the past but got rid of all my stuff in our out of state move. So I am going to do some more again.

Indoor stuff:

You can dip leaves in bleached wax for haning up looks cute in front of windows in groups at different heights.

Wreath you will need:
A round foam wreath shape
halloween fabric about cut into 2 inch squares and pinked using pinking sheers
a sharpned pencil

You just put the penicl into the liddle of the fabrinc and stick it into the foam until the wreath is covered.

You can make cute spider webs with white braided craft cord and some sugar water. You "dip" the cord into the sugar water and lay 4-6 same size strands in a criss cross circle to make the inside lines and then take alot and start making the scallops at the middle all the way to the end on wax paper until dry.

You can take balloons ornage streamers and paper mache' glue mixture. Cover the baloons with the streamers and once dry popo the baloon. Use an exacto knife to cut out a face on the front and to straightedge the top & bottom. Makes a jock-o-lantern. Use the fake candles in side.

I always go outside and find a dead branch with quite a few small branches off of it. Spray paint it black let it dry and decorate it with halloween ornaments I make. (this can be indoor or outdoor)

Hot glue can look like reall cob webs went streched out thin. It even sticks to you like cobwebs do!!

I like to get cheap bottle from the dollar tree and orint out labels that say different things like "eye of newt" "dragon blood" whatever and then fill with colored water. CUte for a party to on drink labels.

You know how they do watermelon baskets you can do the same thing with a pumpkin and out whatever you want in ot for a table or something similar.


You can take black poster board cut out Halloween shapes and tape them to your windows with tissue paper around the "ope" areas looks really cute when the light are on in the house!

Take black or white paper bags and cut word out like "BEWARE" TURN BACK NOW" etc etc and put fake tealights in them.

You can turn foam board into grave stones with gray bronw an blcak spray paint.
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Love the paper pumpkins!

I make Glittery pumpkins every year for my mantle.
I buy small and medium pumpkins. I spray paint some gold and leave some orange. Then I spray them all with spray adhesive and sprinkle glitter on them. Set candles around them and watch them sparkle.

I also like the pumpkin vases. You cut the top off the pumpkin and then stick artificial flowers in them.
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Very cute decorations Swishina!!
Love all of the other ideas as well from the other gals!!!

Keep 'em coming!
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Here are a few pictures of table centerpieces that I came up with last year from items I had around the house and items I found outside.

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Here are a few more pictures:

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