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Do boys have to wear suit for First Communion?

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Ds is making his First Communion (Catholic) next spring. Does anyone know if most of the boys wear suits?

I looked on Brooks Brothers online and nearly fell over. I don't mind spending some $$, but not really interested in spending $300 for a suit he is going to wear once, because I'm sure he won't be interested in wearing it more than once!

Do most boys wear suits, or do they wear say a nice blazer and pants? Help me, I'm clueless.
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I'mnot Catholic, but I've attended confirmations of kids of Catholic friends - some of the little boys wore suits, some slacks and blazers, some slacks, shirt and tie with no coat.
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My son wore a suit, but there were other boys who did not, and just wore pants with a polo shirt.
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I have several Catholic friends with boys and they usually wear a navy blazer and khakis. You can find navy blazers on sale a lot of the time after Christmas - Ralph Lauren is a great one to watch - but they never go on sale at Brooks Brothers. I always have a navy blazer around for my 9 year old to wear and it has been a staple in his wardrobe since he was around 6 (but we dress up a good bit). I love the way they look with khakis in the fall and winter and with seersucker pants in the spring and summer. I never put my ds in a tie but he does wear nice button downs. Not sure if you would want a tie for First Communion or not.

Sometimes around the holidays Gymboree will have blazers that are very low priced. The quality is not the greatest (unlined, etc.) but if you really only think he will wear it once, who cares?! Also the Childrens Place has them every now and then too. Start watching for dressy holiday clothes.
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At our church, the boys mostly wear slacks (not cotton khakis) and a blazer. Some wore suits, but the slacks/blazer combo was definately in the majority. All boys wore ties.

It really depends on your church though, so perhaps ask the director of religious ed or your child's teacher...they should know.

Talbot's used to be GREAT for formalwear...but alas, they no longer carry their children's line. That's where I got their first communion blazers, slacks etc Wonderful quality, great customer service etc I also would go to their outlet frequently and get all kinds of stuff at steep discounts. Brooks Brothers does have sales, typically up to 40% off at certain pts during the year from their website (and in store). The items on sale vary quite a bit. Some years they have a lot...and some years, hardly anything. It really depends, but you can get good deals that way. So you can sign up for the email alerts to be notified of when that is happening.

For me, how much I spent would depend on how often my child would be wearing the item. So for us, I wouldn't spend several hundred on a blazer or suit that I know my child wouldn't be wearing very often. Kwim? If it's something your child would wear more often, then it could be worth the investment.
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Yes, do check with your program director - around here all the boys wear white suits. Also, you may want to look into renting for the day - you can get a whole suit with shoes for a very reasonable price. Just call your local tux or bridal shop. Good luck!
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Thanks to all that answered. We are having a meeting in a few weeks and this will be one item I will make sure I bring up if it isn't brought up already. I like the idea of nice slacks and a blazer. Personally I like that look better than a suit. With his Einstein hair, I think ds is more a blazer kind of guy than a suit kind of guy. Thanks everyone!!
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When my ds made his 1st communion, I think half the boys wore suits and the other half wore a shirt & tie. I found ds's suit at TJ Maxx on clearance for $15
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These are what are common for our boys...

1) suits
2) dress pants, shirt & tie, vest
3) dress pants with shirt & tie

Full suits are generally the outfit of choice but then again our little girls tend to look like mini brides so it only seems right that us parents of boys have our little men looking spiffy too!

ETA: Many moms here rent their little boys suits since purchasing can be expensive and they do grow so fast!
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