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Make your own 'Flu Kit'

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I was at the pharmacy today and noticed they had Flu Kits on sale with everything you need! 25$ a piece- I can find everything in that kit for cheaper! Plus, most of us already have some of it at home, right?

Heres what the list includes:
-liquid soap
-paper towels
-hand sanitizer
-tylonol and advil
-fluids for dehydration(gatorade, pedialite, ect)

On the bottom of the list they included some homemade recipes

Disinfectant for surfaces:
-1 part bleach to 4 parts water

Electrolyte replacement recipes:
-2 quarts water
-1 t. baking soda
-1 t. salt
-7 T. sugar
-1 packet sugar free kool-aid

I love the electrolyte replacement recipe since even store brand pedialyte is 3$ or 4$!!!
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This is an excellent thread! Thank you for all the information!
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Thank you for the fluid replacement receipe. I try to keep Gatorade in the house for emergency use only but my hubby ALWAYS finds it.
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Great Idea!
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