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Once Upon a Child - how does selling your clothes work?

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How many of you take your used kids clothes to Once Upon a Child?

How does it work? What kinds of prices do they pay?

I have a ton of dd's baby clothes and there is just no way I am going to be able to have a garage sale and get rid of them but I would like to make a little bit of money off of them since most of them are in really good shape.
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I dont know about that specific store. But I know at cribs to crayons you bring in your things and they take what they think they can sell. They take you number and make a card for you. They price them and wait for them to sell, if they dont after a while they mark them down and then if they dont sell they call you to come get them. When your things do sell you can either take store credit or cash. You dont have anysay in how much they sell them for .
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In my experience they don't pay very well (usually $1.00 or less per item) and are picky about only accepting name brands. I usually try our local consignment store first and then either have a garage sale or take what's left to once upon a child.
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I recently took 2 large garbage bags of clothes to Once Upon a Child, they went through them and then offered me $95.?? for the ones they wanted. I took their offer and brought home 1 garbage bag full of the things they didn't want. I sold the leftovers on Ebay and made another $75. I've sold toys to Once Upon a Child before and got way more than I thought I would.
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OUAC pays you upfront, and not very well, as other CSs will pay you after they sell your item. I usually get between $2-3 per item at the CS I go to.

Some tips if you choose to consign your items:
Make sure you wash your items prior to bringing them in. (You may have washed them before storing, but sometimes old stains come out in storage)

My store likes for me to have all the buttons buttoned, snaps snapped, and zippers zipped.

And Put your items in a box instead of a bag. Lay then flat in the box, or fold them neatly. Most places don't like the bags, it makes the clothes wrinkly, and they don't iron them.
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If I were ever going to sell to OUAC again, one thing I would do is have them break out certain items (more expensive, name brand stuff) and tell me how much they'd give me for those particular items. I think what they do is lump it all together and so you don't know they are giving you like $1.00 for something they'll sell for $15.00.
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I tried it before, but they took almost nothing and offered very little!
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The Once Upon A Child here is not really that good at givng fair prices. I have taken stuff in and found that they give no more than $1 to $2 for items and then sell them for like $10 or more. Have you thought about having a clothes swap with other moms? I have done this and what we do is all get together at someones house and layout all of the clothes and swap them around, you can swap an item for an item or just charge money.
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it's nice in the fact you get money up front buy prices are usually lower than over consignment places. depends on if you need some cash now
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My thoughts about OUAC: quick and easy. I average about a dollar per item that I take in.
That is more than I would charge if I had a garage sale, plus there is no work involved. I just box up the clothing and take it in. Also- most of the stuff I am taking in I bought used for 25-50 cents, so I am breaking even. My OUAC does not mark clothing outrageously and has several dollar racks with name brand items on them. I feel like they are pretty fair and offer people a good alternative to the other local consignment shops, which are very expensive in this area. So- since I'm not looking to make a fortune and like the idea that I get paid, plus some other mom will be able to buy the stuff for a fair price (maybe even only a dollar), I do support the one closest to me.
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