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What do 3rd grade girls like?

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DS got a girl in the Secret Santa drawing at school this year. We need to find a $5 gift for a girl. I, the mom of 3 boys, have no clue what to get.
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My oldest neice is 8 (2nd grade) but she likes drawing, books, games, barbies, breyer horses etc

You could do a pad of blank paper w/crayons or colored pencils and then a book? Or paper/crayons and an inexpensive barbie? A board game? What about one of those 20 Questions electronic games? I've seen them at WalMart for $5.

Target has stretchy gloves for $1.50 - maybe hats/scarves too...I just happened to notice the gloves. You could get her one of those things, a small candy item and then maybe a soap or something fun from Bath&BodyWorks?
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My 3rd grader loves Hannah Montana anything, also any craft things, puzzle magazines, her own special brush, cute socks, hair accesories, fingernail polish, her own special notebooks and pencils or pens, &, hope this helps.
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Art supplies

Gift card to Claire's
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-Anything in Claires
-Fingernail polish, lip gloss
-Judy Moody books
-Diary of a Wimpy Kid books
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The third graders in my class love to draw! The girls also like Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, High School Musical, etc.
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hannah montanna anything would probably do.
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The dollar general store has a fingernail polish kit for $5. I bought several for the xmas boxes at church.
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Lots of good ideas! Thanks! I'll print this thread and take it shopping with me.
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Gel pens and journals, computer games, hand held games, hannah montana stuff. Girls are so much fun
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