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I need some help w/ baseball hat idea

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Thank you for any ideas you might have...
My DH just made himself a 'man cave' done up in his fave sports team.
A few weeks ago cleaning out the attic I came across a stack of DH old baseball hats. They are in great shape but are covered in attic dust.

What I would like to do is use these bb hats as a window valance for his room. The windows already have blinds on them.

I need ideas on how to clean the hats without ruining them...they are collector's pieces. I was thinking about using a super suck shop vac???

I also need ideas on how to hang them from a curtain rod, so that the front of the hats face out and no damage done to the hats. I'm going to try to hang them in a time line order...they go back to the 70's.

This project is going to be my 'special' christmas present to any help you can be is GREATLY appreciated.
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I'd start cleaning them by hand with a hand-vac and a micro-fiber rag (a miracle cloth) to see how far you get. For the more fragile items or really dirty ones (light colored hats covered in dirt, for instance), you might consider taking them to a dry cleaner.

As for hanging them, consider sewing a loop of fabric onto the inside band at the mid-point of the forehead. Slide the hats onto a curtain rod by these loops. You could then arrange the direction they face and the spacing when you hang up the rod. You can also easily remove them for further cleaning.
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First, I want to send condolences to you for the fact that you have a sports-themed man-cave in your home.

You can also try lint-rollers to clean them a bit.

For hanging, I'm assuming they have that thing in the back of the hat that allows you to adjust the size? You can simply put a shower curtain look through that, and then run that on a rod. They should all face forward then.
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Thank you for the condolences...yeah, I'm not thrilled about it, but since I run a daycare out of my home I guess he needs a "no Elmo zone" room.

You ladies are GREAT! I never even thought about going to the dry cleaners or using a lint brush or roller. DUH !

Thank you, thank you!
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I was going to suggest a lint roller as well. Shower rings are a good idea, or you could do shower curtain hooks. That might look better since it will be visible.
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