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Worst Christmas gift....

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You know you got The gift that when you opened it you instantly thought "what were they thinking?".

Last year my sil bought me a can of flavored coffees. Mind you, this is the sil that I always drink tea with. She knows I don't drink coffee. Well this year she gets me one of those buckets that you add alcohol to and freeze to make a martini. Actually a pretty nice gift right? Well guess what flavor.....Mochatini.
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Hawkshoe, I totally remember you telling that story last year!!!

I hate to complain about gifts because I have been so blessed in my life but I think you might find this story funny. This year because of work schedules, etc, dh was unable to get out and do his shopping until the very last minute. In an effort to have "something for [me] to open" (his quote) he bought a bunch of small things. Those small things happenned to be 6 packages of socks. Atheltic socks, dress socks, cooky socks, just plain ugly socks.

He felt badly for doing it but he left everything 'til the last minute, which would have been fine, however he quickly realized his mistake this year when he went Christmas shopping in an area with NO GOOD SHOPPING resources whatsoever.....

He suggested and I will be taking all six pairs of socks back, plus the two packages of teenage teeny bopper scrunchies, 2 packages of mints, and tube of body lotion.
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I agree that I don't normally like to complain about gifts either, afterall, it is the thought that counts, right Still, I can't help but laugh at some of the things people come up with. This post is meant to be lighthearted.

Your story is to funny. All I can say is "men"
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I knew what you were implying. I only said that because dh is normally a very good gift giver and so to open SIX pairs of socks, was a little humorous to me!!!! This year we live in a small town with a peony little mall with NOTHING IN IT!! There is no Target, no Kohls, No Sam's, No TJMaxx, but only one super Walmart!!!!! (guess where the socks came from? LOL)
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I knew what you meant, I just clarified it because I realized that the post could take an entirely different direction after rereading it and wasn't sure I was clear in the beginning. I just wanted to make sure it stayed lighthearted like your story was.
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My MIL gave me some great gifts, really! But she knew we were looking for a small, stainless steel compost bucket for the kitchen. We are trying to become more 'green'! Anyway, the one she bought us is one size too big. It went from looking elegant to industrial in about an inch circumference. Now what to do? I guess I'll be looking for a smaller one, and not telling dh. I hate anything on the kitchen countertops anyway, I'm very particular.
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Well, this year I got great gifts - even from my inlaws! My oldest got a toy from a friend who just didn't know this quirky thing about him. He just does not like Shrek. He finally watched the movie, but he has a STRONG aversion to Shrek. Well, we are videotaping and he is opening their present. (They live in Miami.) He opens it and says, "Mommy, it is Shrek. Don't they have these in Power Rangers?" The look on his face was priceless. We erased that part of the video and I told him I would take him to Target to get a Power Ranger version of this toy. (It is one of those plug in play game thingys.)

So, it was not a bad gift, just funny about him.
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My grandmother always sends things taht make us laugh. Last year she sent overyone one of those fake plug in fish tanks! This year wasnt bad just not my taste, a fiberoptic statue.
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My Dad got my Mom one of those metal pop up type telephone directories. She actually threw it.... I did laugh.
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My parents got my oldest dd a phone card for a prepaid Sprint phone!! She does not have a prepaid Sprint phone!
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