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Pillsbury Crescent rolls, what do you make with them?

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I like to sprinkle w/cinamon sugar or put chocolate chips in mine
Roll up Apple slices with caramel sauce
Also cut up and use to roll pigs in a blanket. (great with HF Little Smokies)

What creative dish have you come up with?
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I don't have any recipes I've created, but I use them ALL the time - I always have some in my refrigerator.

I make cheesecake squares with them as the top and bottom crust.

I make braids for the Pampered Chef cookbooks - there's about 6 different filling I use in them and I make them at least once a month.

I make veggie pizza as an appetizer.

I make packets filled with either chicken and cream cheese or chicken and cheddar and salsa.

Have you tried the new crescent sheets? They are great - it is just one big rectangle with no seams, which makes it so easy to use for recipes.
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I have used different fillings on the dough before rolling & baking...
-pizza sauce & grated cheese
-peanut butter & nutella
-nutella & rasp jam
-chopped meats & grated cheese
-butter & garlic
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We use them to make apple dumplings, chicken and dumpling casserole, and mini pizzas.

I haven't seen the sheets in stores in this area.
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The sheets are great and Pillsbury site has posted a great list of recipes to use them.
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Vegetable Pizza. you lay them all out on a cookie sheet and blend them together and bake. Then you take a container of sour cream and mix in a package of the dry ranch dressing mix and spread it ontop.
Cut up tomato,broccoli, califlower, peppers and grate cheese and sprinkle on top. It is the best. My mom has been making this for years.
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One of my favorite things to eat when I was growing up was something my mom made with them. Take a beef hot dog and make a slice lengthwise down the hot dog, don't cut all the way through though. Cut strips of cheddar cheese and put it in the hot dog where you sliced, then roll it all up in a crescent roll dough triangle. Bake in the oven till cheese is melted and roll starts to brown. They were really yummy. I keep Kosher now, so I don't make them for my family.
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I add just ham & cheese slices from the deli and bake them. I do find they can be very "heavy" though! I preder the low fat version of the rolls..
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I make Breakfast Bake. It's a breakfast casserole. It's a family favorite, and we eat it for more than breakfast.
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