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Day Four Check In

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Today our assignment is one of my favorites: The list of 100 dreams/goals. I've done this for three years running, and it's so rewarding to be able to check things off the list! The first time I did it, however, I remember it being SO hard to come up with 100. I stalled at around 20, then again every 20 or so after that. Have any of our current participants done this in prior years? Did it help you focus your finances on accomplishing your goals?

How is the spending freeze going? I made a major expenditure yesterday (buying plane tickets to visit my parents) but it was definitely on my approved list prior to starting and something we've been planning for for a long time. Also, having my kids spend time with their grandparents supports our family mission statement of spending time with family.
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As a Supervisor when I would councel my folks I would always tell them to write down 5 Work/Career Goals and 5 Personal Life Goals and tell them to keep the list where they could see it or be able to pull it out and look at it regularly and to update it every year. Coming up with 100 could be difficult unless you take a major one and break it down into really small steps. Instead of Travel, you should list separately all the places you would like to travel to. For inspiration I recommend viewing the Bucket List. It will inspire you to not wait until the end of your life is staring back at you to make those dreams a reality.
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I have never done a list of any amount. It sounds like a great idea even though now is not a good time for me to do it. I am at work closing out 2009 and opening up the books for 2010. If I list all 40 employees and their W-2's that I have to do as 40 of my goals, does that count? Just joking.
The spending freeze is going well today. Hard to spend money while sitting at my computer at work. At least I have a job
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I have never done that but I'll give it a try. I bet I can think of alot!
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I didn't get a chance to check in yesterday. I am behind on my daily assignments b/c of some things that have come up. I will DEFINITELY write my list of goals/dreams later today. It sounds like such a great thing!

Yesterday I unfortunately went over my grocery budget by $2.02. I was annoyed...basically I bought the Sunday paper which is $2 by me and that put me over. There were some things that I couldn't get and some I put back. It was definitely tough. But that being done, I think I am ok for next week's shopping and will only get the staples.

Happy 1st week of 2010!!! May it get us places that will change our lives!
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I'm halfway there!!

I made 50 dreams/goals this morning. Now it's time to get school started with the kids and I'll be back to finish up my list. This is actually HARD because I've become so accustomed to just living with what we have and not what we want.
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I remember this being one of the hardest steps..... I will work on it! I am just going to type it is a word doc and then update as I think of them throughout the day/week!!

Spending freeze is still going strong with NO spending at all (though I am out of fabric softener and done to dangerously low on TP) but I will go to the store tomorrow, it is snowing here again so we will just be going out for DSs swimming class tonight. We always eat out on Mondays but tonight I am doing a frozen pizza -3.00 after coupon and a salad!
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Dh and I actually did this the other night except it was only the financial goals part. But I think we will have no problem coming up with a great list of goals. We have a lot of aspirations and having a 3 year old helps to keep those hopes and dreams alive. There is so much I want for myself and Dh but there's even more I want for my ds.
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Working on our mission statement tonight as a family and my goal list today.
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This will be my third time doing the dreams list. I was able to come up with 100 the past two times, so hopefully again! The list of categories you posted will definitely help.

The thing that really helped me last time was selecting the Top 10. Focusing on those was really where I made progress.

As for the spending freeze, I spent $27 at the grocery store today. Not bad considering I had to buy ground beef, cheese, and 3 gallons of milk.
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