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I spend anywhere from $30-100 a week depending. On weeks I'm doing a costco trip or stocking up at a great sale it will be at the higher end of that. On weeks I'm just buying my regular milk, yogurt, fruit and veggies it's at the low end. It's five of us.
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we're a family of 4 right now and spend about $400/month on groceries but expecting a new baby soon so that will check quite a bit with formula and baby food
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Thank you for all of your replies, it helps to figure things out for our family!
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Our household is Himself, me, six cats, and two dogs.
We spend about $100-$150 a month on people and animal food, toiletries, cleaning agents, etc.
I cook mostly from scratch, which is a lot cheaper than convenience foods. My dad is retired and spends a lot of time on the lakefront with a rod and reel in his hand, and since my mom won't eat fish, a lot of what he catches goes into my freezer.
I also have a friend who hunts, and when he has a good season, venison roasts, steaks, and sausage find their way to my house. Since we only eat meat about three times a week, even if we have to buy meat, a little lasts a long way.
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We are a family of 4, 1 child is a toddler still in pull-ups and a 1 is a newborn. We also have a dog. I normally spend around $350-$400/month, that includes toiletries, dog food, pull-ups and formula. We do have a freezer full of venison since my dh hunts, and I do alot of cooking from scratch. I also make many household cleaners and use cloth diapers at home except at bedtime and outings. Those help keep the costs down. I am trying to do a little extra cooking from scratch to help a little more.
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$500 a month on groceries. We have a family of 4. Me, DH, DS (20yrs eats like a horse, DD (10), Inside dog, outside cat. I cook everyday. Since we are all dieting. We are going over $500 a month because out fresh veggies and fruits, yogurts, etc are more expensive. Me and Dh could live on soups, salads and sandwiches but the kids whine. They are more meat and potatoes.
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I have a family of six (2 adults, and four boys ages 7, 6, 3, & 1) plus two small dogs.
DS1 eats average for his age. He eats tons of milk products and fruit every week.
DS2 eats like a grown man. He eats everything that you put in front of him.
DS3 eats almost average for his age. He snack a lot—bad habit.
DS4 eats really well for his age. Loves pasta, fruit, etc.
DH when he is home eats a ton at mealtime and late night snacking
Me-well we wont say. LOL I’m not starving

I would say I roughly spend $400 per month on groceries. It can be more or less depending on the month and the checkbook. Like most, my grocery bill went up in November and December.
On average I buy at least 18 gallons of milk per month. I probably use one gallon per month just for cooking and baking and the rest we drink. Cheese—I easily buy 3-4 pounds of that per month too. I have to use the amount of meat and sometimes more on recipes. Most recipes I double so that means double the ingredients. Then there is the bread, produce, meat, pasta and all the other items I buy.
I stock pile items when I can and use coupons as much as I can. I do the best I can with cooking from scratch and not using convenience foods. We eat salad and fruit everyday. And my kids are good at eating fruit, cheese and other healthy things for snack. We have cut down from eating out. We use to do it about once per week but now it is about twice per month. I use generic when possible although there are certain items that we will not do generic on. I will not cut back on getting fresh fruit and produce for my family. I do usually (ran out at xmas time) use powdered milk for cooking and baking. That helps a lot! I cook a lot of our meals and baked goods from scratch to help lower the bill but to still are able to provide good healthy meals and snacks.
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We are a family of 3- 2 adults and 1 toddler. We budget $80 a week for groceries which includes health and beauty, food, and paper products. I don't include diapers in there b/c the diapers at our local grocery store are outrageous in price so I get them in cases at babies r us ($40 case- yikes! but they are the only ones that fit him well enough). I really can't wait until he's completely potty trained.
I try to go under as much as possible- sometimes that doesn't work and I try to make up for it the next week. I got a crock pot for Christmas so I have been making a lot of meals on Sundays and this helps us out during the week so I don't need to get as much as before.
I should add that we live in the Northeast and I have found that groceries are ridiculously expensive up here! (on top of everything else!)
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We are a family of 5 (2 adults, 1 toddler, an 11 yr old and a 9 yr old. We average $500/month. This includes all cleaners, hygene and food. We do use WIC which helps a lot. I cook just about everything from scratch and include salad or veges with lunches and dinners and fruit with breakfast and for snacks. I shop at the day old breadstore and put extras in the freezer. I use the store brands when I can and use dollar store crackers, tea and coffee creamers. I do not typically use paper towels, we use rags. We usually have meat 4-5 times a week with soup one night and a pasta dish another night. We only go out to eat about 2x per month.
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We are a family of 4; 2 adults, a 1 year old and a 3 year old. We spend about $400/month on groceries.
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