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need housewarming gift ideas

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Any good frugal housewarming gift ideas?
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I use this one a lot!

Dollar store cookie jar (mine has nice glass ones) and I fill it with HM chocolate chip cookies and tie a nice ribbon around the top.

I have also given a little goldfish in a bowl.
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This depends entirely on if you are crafty or not. I make quilted trivets out of scrap material, quilt batting, and some sort of hard inside. I've used cardboard, plexiglass-type material, whatever.

You can google and find a pattern. I usually make a set of three and tie them up with a nice ribbon and attach a little trinket from the dollar store, kitchen related. They are fun and quirky, super cheap, and unique.

As far as a cheap "gotta get it on the way to the party" gift, I think the room diffusers are always nice.
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I always love a candle or a set of kitchen towels.
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I did a ceramic planter filled with things like dish soap and a dish scrubber, a pot holder, dish towels and some other little fillers.

I think a wash basin or plastic storage bin with cleaning supplies is always useful...stock up on sales..sponges, duster cloths....

gift cards are always a good option too...but it depends on your budget.

I have done an outdoor entertaining theme with a plastic tray and then add oven mitts, skewers, barbecue sauce....

I have also done an outdoor garden theme and found things like birdfeeders, garden decorations, welcome to our garden signs.....depends on the homeowner too

I bought one of those bath gift baskets at Kmart after christmas for a single friend who bought a condo...she loved it!
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If they are purchasing their first home, I like to give them a bucket and/or toolbox filled with things like a hammer, flashlight, screwdriver set, duct tape, etc. All little things that come in very handy when you own your own home. Most of these can be found at the dollar store.

Another handy gift would be a small stepladder or a fire extinguisher.
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Those gifts that are not your taste or can't use. I am allergic to perfumes and those scented candles. For some reason members of my family like to buy me scented candles and those heated potpourrie things.

I save them and when I need I gift, I don't have to go out and buy. Just make sure you put a sticky with the name of the person who gave you the gift. This will help you in not making a faux paux when you regift.

I don't mind people regifting the gifts I gave them but I do mind when I am given the gift back and the person forgot I gave them the gift. This has happened to me twice.
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I have a thriving herb garden, so I always place a plant such as parsley, coriander or basil into a large pot a few weeks beforehand and then give this as a gift at the housewarming.
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what about an indoor plant, these days they come dressed up with ribbons etc, for gift giving.
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Go to the dollar tree and buy a plastic bucket and fill it with cleanning supplies from the $$tree.

Buy a garbage can for the kitchen and put a box of garbage bags in it.

Buy a wicker or plastic clothes basket, fill it with a box of purex complete sheets, a bag of clothes pins and a clothes line.

Buy a big pot, put it in a jar of pasta sauce (homemade if possible) a box or two of noodles and a jar of par. cheese.
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