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If I cut back on ____, I'd save on groceries.

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Fill in the blank! What can you cut back on to save on your grocery bill?

My answer is cheese. We eat so much cheese. I think even sprinkling a little less on top of stuff would save us.
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Snack items.

The kids like to have crackers, string cheese, popcorn, etc. after school. I know I save $$$ when I can offer them banana bread or make them a PB&J sandwich instead, but it doesn't always work out that way.
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junk food!

DH loves potato chips and corn chips, so I buy him bags and bags of the stuff. And he only likes Cape Cods, so they are expensive.

I have to have my fiber one bars, but I do have tons of coupons for those. And my little debbie 100 calorie snacks. Haven't found too many coupons for the little debbie brand.
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root beer

We only buy certain brands, because we don't drink sodas made with HFCS, only those made with real sugar.
We don't have to have root beer at all, but we both love it, and it's a harmless indulgence.
Depending on where we shop, a 6-pack of Abita in bottles (which we like not only because it's made with Louisiana-grown sugar, but also it's a local brewery, the get their water from a loacl aquifer, the bottles are made from recycled glass, the carton is made from recycled paper, and on the beer side of the brewery, spent grain is fed to local cattle) costs $5.99. An 8-pack of Jones in cans costs $4.99. A 6-pack of Winn-Dixie Natural in cans costs $3. The Abita tastes the best and is the greenest, but also costs the most. The Winn-Dixie brand is the cheapest and tastes pretty good, but they're often out of it. So most of the time, we go with Jones.
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Cherry Coke Zero for DH & Dr Pepper for me $4.45/case X 4 MONTH
Capri Sun for the kids lunch box $16/month
Dh dieters tea $3.45/2 MONTH


Next yr I think I am going to invest in those $15 thermos for the kids lunch boxes. I couldn't understand why anyone would pay that much for 1 thermos, but I think I can now.
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Soda for hubby and myself. Although with the multitude of free 12-pack coupons I have it's not a monetary concern right now. But, because it's free we've been drinking more, and when those coupons run out....there is either going to be a huge spike in the grocery bill or a hell of a withdrawel lol
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For us it is meat. I struggle so much with trying to get DH to try meatless meals. So far I've only found one that he will eat without complaining.
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Pop and snacks -- definitely not necessary and definitely expensive!
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My husband loves cheese and crackers. He loves the gourmet cheeses. For him the stinkier the better. The only time we drink soda is when one of us is sick. I always stock ginger ale and for him its Coke but these will last for months.
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coffee and speciality creamer. creamer alone is over $300 a year, YIKES. plus the coffer, which I love my coffee!
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