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Is there a time of day they deposit federal refunds?

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According to the site, my refund should be deposited today. My state refund came in last week, and was already in the bank when we woke up. Going on noon here my time, and still no federal refund. Does anyone know if there is a specific time of day the make those deposits???
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Things could be delayed on your banks end. You could call them and ask if they can see any deposits that are coming in today for your account.
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This is the first year that my bank has NOT put a 7-14 day hold on my refund. It said it was supose to be in there today and when I woke it was. But it said if it wasn't there by March 3rd to check with my bank.
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I called my bank and they said they never hold up deposits for any reason, so it would not be anything on thier part.

I did my taxes on and followed thier time table that said, "if you file your taxes on this day, your refund will direct deposited on this day". Well then I rechecked my email that confired my refund, and did the 'where's my refund' thing. It said MARCH 9! I'm confused because first of all, March 9 is a tuesday and I thought they only did deposits on Fridays. The site also said "UNless we find a mistake or you owe us money...." Why didn't I get any sort of notification about that?? Here I was, thinking I'd see my refund yesterday, and they are holding it up. Ugh.

I bet its because its such a large amount. We made less money last year, because I didn't work. We also got a credit for our windows we got, and a few other things so our refund was very large this year. I had a feeling they were gonna go over it with a fine tooth comb!
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Deposits are posted at midnight. I know of several people (myself included) whose deposit was actually a week later than their expected date. If you read the notice it mentions that the date is not garuanteed but an estimate. If you don't have it by next Friday, you can check on the IRS web site and track your refund. They are probaby very busy right now, and might be running behind.

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Turbo tax was wrong also it said I was going to get it Feb 19th and I checked here and it said 2/26 and that is when it was deposited. HTH
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But my other question is.... it says my refund will be deposited "by March 9". March 9 is a Tuesday. I thought they only deposited monies on Fridays??? SO does that mean I'll see something this coming Friday?? Or will I have to wait to the Friday following March9???? Ugh I hate being left in limbo!
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It looks like the IRS is depositing on more days than just Fridays, I know of some people who have received their refunds on other days of the week.
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We got our refund on a Thursday.
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