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Bagged mini-carrots, et al

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I noticed that bagged mini-carrots (baby carrots) were mentioned on another thread. This is just one of many examples of how some healthy foods are being re-branded by growers to make them more approachable to our current lifestyle.

Do you know how they get 'baby' carrots? They take big carrots, slice them into 1 - 1/2 inch chunks then roll them around in a machine that peels them and tapers the ends. They then put a preservative over them because otherwise they'd go bad very quickly. Heck, I could taper carrots at home with a hand peeler and skip the perservative.

I've seen apple slices sold in the grocery store, and bigger packages at Costco, that are prepared much the same way - peeled, sliced then sprayed with a preservative (which in the case of apples is usually just vitamin C). I admit that it is tempting to purchase apples packaged that way to make eating fruit more appealing but when I see the price, buying 'just' apples is a much better way to go.

I find the new steam bags of veggies to be humorous. Imagine, now I don't even have to put the frozen veggies into a microwave safe container to defrost them. I can steam them right in the plastic bag! Do I need this convenience in my life?

Don't get me started on those 100 calorie snack bags.

Healthy foods have ventured into the unhealthy market. Can you think of other examples?
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I like this thread! I am one of those who likes those small packages - I am the only one that eats veggies (except baby carrots - dd and ds eat those), and dh gets on my case anytime I end up throwing any out that haven't been eaten. some, then!! I am also so busy, I really don't have the time to cut things up. I never thought about that preservative on the carrots - any idea what it is? I know it can get slimy, so we use them up as quickly as we can; otherwise, we get the big ones.

And those 100 calorie snack bags? Don't know about you, but 1 just isn't enough for this family!
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dd loves the one hundred calorie bags of oreo's and I found that I can buy them at big lots for only 1.50. Thats just fine by me but my main purpose for buying them is too keep in the car. The baby carrots I never gave much thought to it but I guess I should start buying big ones and peeling myself. I have time so I really should be doing it.

You are right things are being packed to make them more apealing to bussy or lazy people and their is a huge profit in this. My only problem with it is all the waist. IF it promotes people to eat healthier than maybe its not a totaly bad idea.
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I do buy whole carrots for stews/recipes, but love baby carrots for the snack factor. If buying them that way makes my family more likely to eat them, that's a plus for me.

The rest of my fruit/veggies I usually get the whole thing and peel/chop them myself. 100 calorie bags are a joke to me too. People can't exercise enough restraint that they have to have special packaging? Sounds like a nice marketing scam thought up by the diet industry.
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We love baby carrots....I only pay $.99 a bag( I usually buy 2-3 bags at a time) at Aldi's and keep them in a special fridgesmart container thingie from Tupperware....they keep a month or more in that conatiner and my kids will eat them all the time. they won't eat big carrots even if I cut them into carrot sticks....weird, eh? We don't buy the 100 calorie packs unless they're under $1.50..sometimes I get them at dollar tree and Big Lots.
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I agree with Kim. Yes, they cost more sometimes, yes they may have preservatives on them, but if y buying these, I can get my kids to eat carrots, apples, or any other veggie or fruit instead of junk food, I'll do it! The 100 calorie packs, I buy also, but it is because I buy them INSTEAD of buying the prepackaged higher calorie ones for lunch boxes, etc. I don't do it often, but sometimes the kids have to have something prepackaged and that is what I buy!
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I agree with those on here that like the baby carrots. I actually use them in my dh and my dd'd lunch. I know it is more expensive...but when packing up their lunch it makes it much easier. You will probably hate this...but I also by the snack size ranch dressing to go with the carrots in their lunch. The dressing may make it less healthy...but it is still better than a bag of chips...and they love it.
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I too love the baby carrots. They are an easy snack. If I had to go through and peel and chop them up myself I probably wouldn't eat as many so I justify it that way. I can usually get them at a pretty good price at Aldi or Albertsons on sale. They are one of my favorite snacks.
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I love the steamer bags of veggies. I buy them when they are on sale and they have actually been a lot cheaper than the regular vegtables. Sometimes I will just eat that for supper because it's so easy. (you do still have to pour them in a bowl to serve them so I am not sure why the bag is such a big deal, but it does seem to really speed up the cooking time--and it's really easy)

I don't buy them all the time but when they are .69 cents and I have coupons on top of it, I do stock up!

100 calorie packs--I don't know, never used them--they just don't appeal to me. I would try them If I was better about bringing my lunch to school--usually I just grab a breakfast bar or granola bar though. I am not so much concerned about the calories--more something handy to bring along for a quick snack. At my house, if I open a bag of cookies--they are gone in 5 minutes, but if I buy individual packaged things, they know they are for mom or dad for at school or work (or for the kids for school lunches)
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Oh Cookie2, you have me ROTFL with the explanation of how we get the "Baby" carrots!!

We like to steam them, actually my 1 and 2 year old love them this way.
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