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Walmart's ground beef

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Does anyone else notice that Walmart's ground beef is a little different? I don't know what it is - probably the grinding machine, but I don't like the consistency of it. When I brown it, it just looks different. A friend of mine describes it as "wormy"! I love buying their "tube meat". That's what dh and I call their ground beef that comes prepackaged in tubes. But it's the other kind that is in styrofoam that kind of makes me leery.
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I think the Walmart (around here anyway) is really fatty!!! I buy it from HyVee it is alot better.
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i don't buy walmart meat either i buy at hye-vee or fareway..they are usually cheaper anyway around here.
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I have a friend taht will not eat anymeat from walmart. I also buy the tube meat
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I have only also bought the "tube" meat from WalMart - never tried their own. I have noticed in the past ground beef I have bought elsewhere has been like that. If memory serves me - Aldi's was like that too. "Wormy" is a good description
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It could also be what they add to keep it looking so red for so long! DH refuses to eat meat from Walmart.
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I thought I was the only one that felt this way!LOL We still eat it but my dh gets so mad because it is really crumbly! You can not make patties with it and it is annoying!!
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Sorry, it scares me to much to eat meat from Walmart. I have to buy the kind that is hormone free, natural fed, blah blah blah. That and milk and chicken.
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I don't mind it in the tubes, but it looks like worms in the other packages. Fareway is still my favorite.
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I bought their meat once and my husband had a reaction to it! My husband is allergic to chicken so I guess that is what is in their ground beef. He called Wal-mart to complain that it was not listed on the package that chicken was in it but they wouldn't admit to it but they did reimburse me for the item. Grosses me out to think about it.
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