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8th grade graduation

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Do people still have parties for 8th grade graduation? When we were growing up, my parents gave us all parties - entire family was invited - for 8th grade, then again for high school graduation. Our school doesnt call it "graduation" anymore for whatever reason, its now called "recognition ceremony". Do/did you give your kids an 8th grade graduation party?
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In our area it still is common though they are on a much lower scale than the high school graduation. I would only invite close relatives and friends of the child.
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I have actually never heard of having a party for 8th grade graduation.

Personally, I prefer to only really celebrate (in a big way) high school and college graduation. I think it dilutes the accomplishment if everything is called graduation.
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I'm not sure they do 8th grade graduation parties around here. The only graduation parties we've ever heard of is 12th grade and graduations.

We will not do any type of party when they are done with 8th grade.
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I have never heard of 8th grade parties either. My dd is in 8th grade now and never mentioned anything about having a party! Thank Goodness!!
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I was under the impression that 8th grade graduations were for those that went to Catholic school since 8th grade is the end of their elementary years and they then go onto highschool. I have never heard of it for kids attending public school.
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I had one, but I went to Catholic school from K thru 8. Around here most of the public elementary schools end at 5th grade and then the kids go to Junior High. I have no idea if 8th grade graduation parties are popular around here but I don't think it's a big deal if someone does it.
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I have never heard of parents throwing them. Sometimes schools do them. Mine didn't. I have an 8th grader, and I think they have some sort of graduation thing lined up.
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If you want to have a party...have a party! I'm crazy that way though, I really don't care what others do or don't do.

In our family, we don't specifically have a graduation party for 8th grade...just because in our family, you 'graduate' only once in your younger school years. From high school. We don't really recognize 'graduations' from any of the years before 12th grade.

Around here a lot of people have big 'end of the school year' parties. You can have one every year!
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Ds goes to a Montessori that starts when they are 3 years old and goes through 8th grade, so he'll be going to the same school for 12 years, so it's a huge thing. Not sure on the party yet, only that in My mind it is a huge milestone for him, that we will at least celebrate with our immediate family.
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