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What $20 Buys at Aldi

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Who says you need to clip coupons to save? I do love my coupons, but certain things you just never find a coupon for. Or, sometimes you simply don't have the time or the energy to clip them. In my Instant Bargains Book, I recommend shopping at stores like Aldi (which, by the way, doesn't accept coupons) in situations like that. They're a limited assortment store that only stocks things with a high turnover rate. Aldi is also a hot topic here on To view some of our discussions visit this link: Aldi

I got all this for under $20 this afternoon. They had terrific deals on produce, and I picked up some other odds-and-ends as well. Here's the rundown of what I got and how much I spent:

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I'm with you, Kim! I will shop Aldi FIRST and clip coupons only for name brand things I can't find at Aldi or Big Lots! The money that we save goes directly toward fresh cuts of meat at our local butcher shop or an nice evening out on the town. I am totally spoiled because of Aldi...LOL!
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I am still waiting for them to get our new Aldi's built. They announced they were openning one up about 20 minutes from here but they still haven't nailed the first nail. Only level the ground off. The next closest one is about 2 hours away. I can't wait for this one closer to me opens.
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i dont have an Aldi's in the town i live and the closest one is an hour and a half away...........when i go to that town i stock up on canned good and stuff like that and save a fortune!!!!! i love Aldi's
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I have an Aldi's about 10-15 mins from me but I've only shopped a few times and just never think about it. Those are GREAT prices on the fresh produce. Do people like their fresh produce? I've always been a bit scared of it, but would love to get pineapple, strawberries, and avocado at that price.
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Originally Posted by aliadam View Post

Do people like their fresh produce? I've always been a bit scared of it, but would love to get pineapple, strawberries, and avocado at that price.

I am really not sure why people are afraid of it. The pineapple I got had a Dole tag on it, so it's probably the same stuff high-end grocery stores get. When I was there people were swarming it and the manager was bringing out a new pallet of it. We had the strawberries tonight and they were delicious.
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Yay!!! I need to make an Aldi's run!
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I LOVE ALDI!!! The closest one is about an hour away (with everything else) so I usually go once a week.....I am moving to a town that will have one 10 mins away and can't wait!! Their produce is always great in my opinion...the place I get bad produce is Wal Mart!!
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Great Job Kim!!!
I was going to post what great produce they had today also

For under 10.00 like 9.81 or something I got
Strawberries -1.19
2 Pineapples mine were -.99
2 avocados mine were-.49
Bunch of Bananas- .84 (think they were .33 a lb)
Grape tomatoes- 1.50
Bag of carrots-.89
Grapes (not sure of price)
Green pepper pack (3) (not sure of price)

I got ALL my produce for the next 5 days for under 10.00 I was THRILLED!!

I agree I have no idea why people would not like it. I have often bought strawberries in the same carton at Aldis and saw the same at Walmart and my pineapples were Dole also, the ban nans are also always name brand
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Great shopping Kim!! They do have some great prices on produce!!!
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