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Soccer snack ideas

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My DS (3) just started playing soccer yesterday and each parent takes turns bringing a snack for after the game. This is our first experience with organized sports and need ideas of what to bring... I would like something fun but still semi healthy.

Snack last night was a little bag of cookies, a fruit snack & juice.

Anyone have some good ideas of what I should bring?
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If its hot I bring juice bars, but I don't worry to much about how healthy it is they burn so many calories running around they can use a treat. Last night I brought the snack size bags of Doritos for 7/8 year olds.
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We used to have to bring cut up oranges for our kids for half time during soccer. Maybe you could give that a try.
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When we did snacks it was usually juice boxes, mini muffins, granola bars, rice Krispie treats, goldfish....
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  • Frozen Gogurts
  • PBJ sandwiches cut into quarters along with cut up fruit
  • Grapes, snipped into mini bunches, along with cheese sticks
  • The all-time favorite: Fruit kabobs. I usually use strawberries grapes and cubed cheddar cheese.
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Several great ideas! I'll add "Cuties" to the list. My kids love them, they can peel them easy and no seeds. You can't go wrong with fruit and cheese.
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You might check if your fields have a concession stand and if they have deals. We can buy $2 tickets. The kids get to pick 1 snack and 1 drink. That way the fields get a portion of the money and it's a lot easier. My boys LOVE getting tickets so I always do tickets now!
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I always do some sort of fruit and then a granola bar just in case some of the kids don't like the fruit. I try to bring enough for each kid to have both if they want. Also I found that gatorade goes over well and it isn't as sugary as the juice boxes. I buy the little bottles, I think they come 8 or 10 in a group and the kids go crazy for it! We play 3 sports or more a year so yea I have gotten the snack thing down pat!
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