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Only a short list so far but, I'm bound to add more later...


Baby wipes
Diapers, size 3
Disposable razors
Girl's Clothes 12-18mo
Gift cards with any balances (preferrably for WalMart)

Other Coupons too
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Rubber Stamps (I am really looking for Stampin up's retired set Dreams and Dragons)
Leapster Games
Leapster charger
Girls size 6
Boys size 6
Barbie DVD's
Veggie Tale DVDs or VHS
Boy barbies (princes)
Barbie house
Barbie furniture
Lego Star Wars PC game (works on XP)

Postage Stamps
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ISO nintendo and super nintendo games for DS 1.
Scrapbooking/paper crafting supplies.
Willing to trade actuals or paypal.
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Here's my ISO List, although I am easy to trade with, so if you don't see something listed here, just make me an offer, I love all sorts of things...

Books about frugal or simple life (the only one I have is Dave Ramsey Financial Peace)
Books on Gardening
Music Cds that I don't have (I love all types of music except heavy metal)
Size L women's tops
Size M or L Women's dresses (I just had a baby, so I can wear L now, M when I quit nursing)
Size M or L Women's skirts
Scrapbooking stuff
Fenton Glass
Sewing Patterns for Women's (size L) Kids or for toys, home stuff...etc.
Quilting stuff
Home decorating things
Corelle bowls or plates (I collect mismatch)
Books on Making cloth dolls or Rag Dolls
Kids books
PS2 games (non violent)
Computer Games that are along the lines of Jewel Quest or Zuma
SpongeBob, Dora, Diego toys (no stuffed animals though, we're overflowing in those)
Carebear figures (other small hard toy figures too)
Action Figures or hotwheels cars
Barbies or other Dolls (Disney fairies...Myscene...etc.)
Accessories for Barbies or clothes for them..
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I have Lots to trade....please pm me for a long list of items to trade......including boys items, avon, mary kay, household, toys, mom things, jewelry, clothes, books, scrapbook items, stamping items, pruses, dvd's and lots more......

I will put a few of my iso items now to add to later (open to variations) to trade for items I have available

Red coffee maker
I really , really want a vera bradley for the summer
black large or extra large bathing suit wrap
scrapbook items
organizational, bipolar, positive thinking, the secret, books
ps 2 and ps 1 games
summer 8 1/2 shoes
size 12, 14 large , extra large womens clothes (stylish summer)
sunglasses, jewelry
gift cards
other summer purses possibly ( will take "faux high end brands, including the vera bradley")
Wallets also

Thanks for looking........
looking forward to trading!
I have lots to trade!! Coming from two moms!
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After reading through......I think I may be too new to trade.....Not sure....I will be happy to send out my items first if anyone decides to trade any items with me...I have lots of trust in those on this board....thanks a lot
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Okay I'm finally making an ISO list.

Baby Einstein DVD's
Disney DVD's
Veggie Tales DVDs or Cds
Coupons for diapers and the like
Little girl or gender neutral baby clothes (bigger than 0-3)
Really just about anything baby related
Childrens hardback books

Frugal/Simple Living
Money saving

Rustic/Western Home decor items
Hunting or Fishing items
Craft supplies
Coke Codes

Okay that's all for now but I'm sure all come up with more things later. Let me know what you are looking for in trade and I know we can work something out. Thanks!
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Ok, Here is my ISO list..............

Boys Snowpants, size 8 or 10(med?) any style.
Leap Pad Cartriges, boyish, KG, 1st or 2nd grade levels
24W or 26W Capri Pants
Mens XL Flannel Shirts(in good shape)
Iams DOG food coupons
Wallflower refills from B&BW
Toy's from the movie "CARS"
NASCAR's Jimmy Johnson Car(Hot Wheels size)

I have some stuff to trade, I'll post it in the forum.

Thanks for lookin' Bonnie
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Anything Toy Story
Anything Superman (for a child)
V-tech games
scented candles
Disney pictures or posters
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The Following Items I am in search of.....

Crayola Crayons

Scrapbooks/supplies - paper, stickers, quotes, gel pens...

Glue Sticks

Baby wipes/ Toddler wipes

Size 5 diapers

Yankee Candles -

Yankee Candle Car Jars

Bath & Body Works - Foam soaps and kids foam soaps

Vera Bradley

Willow Trees Figures


free coupons for anything listed above.


Coupons/Gift Cards with balances to bath & bady works, Walmart, target, gap, acme.

I'm sure there are things that I am interested in that I didn't list so if you see anything that is on my FSOT list that you are interested in just ask. I'm pretty easy to trade with.

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