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Poll Results: Do you wear flip flops?

  • 82% (33)
  • 17% (7)
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I am SO excited to be back in flip flops!!!  I can't wear the cheap ones, either, but the better ones have come SO far down in price now.  I have a pair of Tivas, a pair of Reebok, and a pair of Bjorn...all for $20-25 a pair..and all three have at least SOME arch support.


I went yesterday and bought the little girls each a cute pair, too. ..but they got the $4 Walmart ones!!   It is SO nice to just be able to holler at everyone to get their shoes on and know THEY can do it without me having to tie them or buckle them or make sure they grabbed appropriate socks, etc.  

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I need to find a better pair than the old navy ones Ihave being preggo I wan a little better cushion and better for my feet


I do not let my kids wear flip flops for walking in etc since oldest dd had achilies tendinites and we are sure the flipflopswere part of the problem

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I absolutely ADORE & LOVE my flip flops! smile.gif 

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I know I already answered this thread...but guess what......IT'S FLIP FLOP SEASON!!!!

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The only flip flops that I have found that are comfortable enough for me are made by Addidas.  Here is what I have     I love them, they have a narrow piece that goes between your toes, so I am able to wear them. I hate when that part is thick, it hurts my toes. Found these and love them.

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Yep I love wearing flip flops

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I love them!!! I hardly get to wear them here in Alaska but I gave them a great workout when I was in Hawaii for 6 days =)

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My daughter got some UnderArmour flip-flops last year for around $25 and they are SO cushy-comfy.  I want a pair for myself.  The soles must have sort of gel-based padding in them.

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The only ones I can wear are Fit Flops because I need the support.


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