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hand smelling? A new tic?

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My son has tics and it seems just when they seem to stop, he develops a new one. His latest "habit" is repeatedly smelling his hand. I didn't pay much attention to it until a relative pointed it out to me. Could smelling things, his hand included be a tic? Sometimes just out of the blue he'll smell me! Luckily he's never gone up to a stranger and smelled them.
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My nephew is the same way and he's 14. I don't know if it's a tic or and OCD thing with him but I guess he's always wanted to smell everything! I've only known him since he was 6 (my dh's nephew) and I can remember him always wanting to smell the little kids in our family's hair! He also likes to smell cd cases! ???????
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Yes. Smelling can definitely be a tic.

Does he have sensory issues?

Have you recently changed any of the scents (cleaning products, body soaps, perfume, detergent, etc.) in your home? If so, that could have triggered it.
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Yes, I believe my son does have some undiagnosed sensory issues as well. Yes, that makes sense. He does have new shampoo, I'm using a new dish soap and I have a new body wash. Poor child, maybe I'm overwhelming his senses with all of these new smells? Is it really better to stick to only certain products to avoid new smells?
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Not necessarily, but maybe (how helpful is that comment? LOL). I would say that if he had more severe issues, ones that you were trying to manage, I would try to make things as constant as possible.

You may want to use unscented (or as "neutral" scented as you can find) products.

How old is he?

I would probably just mention it to your ped., and see what he/she says.

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My son is 8. The pediatrician is aware of his tics and sent us to the children's hospital to a neurologist. He did not exhibit a single tick during his visit to the children's neurologist. His pediatrician has seen some of his ticks though.
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Smelling things, including other people, is one of my dd's tics.

Another of her's is feeling or rubbing little kids' arms or hands. I have to watch her when we're out in public because that tends to freak out little kids and their parents.
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My son who is just about 6 has had sensory issues his whole life. At 3 yrs old he was washing his hands up to 20 times a day, which dissapeared eventually only to be replaced by him clearing his throat all the time. A few months ago he started to smell his hands after touching anything and everything and it has really become a problem (meaning he does it a lot).

He is very intellent, having no problems in school but I am wondering what I should do about this? I am starting to worry that he may have Tourette's. They thought he might have Asperger's when he was smaller. We obviously need another trip to the Dr.

Thanks for reading... any feedback is welcome. [/FONT]
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