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I shop sales all year.

I will get them new shoes and whatever we don't have for the school supply list. I might spend $60 total.

We will be using the same backpacks & lunch bags from LL Bean.
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Originally Posted by snooks69 View Post

I have a bin in the basement where I put all the school stuff I got at a deal last fall....then when the kids come home on the last day of school I take anything that can be repurposed and put that in the bin....both of my kids have May/June birthdays so any gift cards to Target, Kohl's, Old Navy they get we save for back to school clothes soon as I start seeing sales I'll start getting stuff....this past school year I didn't have to buy anything after September for school which was awesome!! Just went downstairs and hit the bin! I am going to buy my daughter a Lands End backpack...she will have more books to carry this year and I am so tired of buying backpacks!! So we will splurge on a really good one....does anyone know...are the Lands End better than LL Bean or are they pretty much the same?

out of the two I would do LL Bean they guarentee their products and they are good quality.
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I will be getting a few school supplies when they all go on sale, but for right now I have been hitting up rummage sales for clothes for the fall and winter. My oldest will be in first grade and is growing like crazy, but I found about 5 nice to shirts at a few sales and a couple of sweaters/long sleeved shirts. His backpack is in ok shape, but he will definitely need new shoes and new jeans. I've also been stocking up on too big clothes for my 4 (ds) and 2 year old (dd) and sticking them in a box when I find good deals!
I can't imagine spending more than $100 for school related stuff!
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Originally Posted by brensmom View Post

out of the two I would do LL Bean they guarentee their products and they are good quality.

I agree. My dd will be using her backpack for the third year.
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I'd go for the Lands End. LOVE, LOVE their stuff. But LL Bean is probably just as good
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I've been buying $10/month of supplies for a few months now. DH's aunt is a teacher and she told us to come to her house before buying crayons because she has lots of unopened packs, so that'll help. MIL wants to help buy supplies, so I'm waiting now to see how much she wants to get.

I already have backpack, pencils, erasers, folders, clipboard, dry erase markers, notebook, hand sanitizer, soap, Band-aids. I know we still need glue sticks, scissors, coloring pencils, crayons, tissues, etc.
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Yes, I am. My oldest daughter will be a senior this year. You know how picky teenage girls can be. Well we went shopping this morning. I set some rules for her everything had to be on sale, with Mom's approval, jeans could not be more than $25 (I was hoping for way less, but sometimes that does not happen) I was not going to spend more than $200 total including shoes, school supplies and clothes.

Here is what we found:

Amercian Eagle -reg price 49.99- all clearance jeans were 1/2 off. $ 7.47 (1 pair of jeans)
Charlotte Russe -reg prices $12.99, $34.50, $99.99- all clearance $6.50 or less $16.00 (2 pairs of jeans and 1 pair of capris)
A'Gaci - reg prices $20.50, $15.50, $4.50, $4.50- all clearance was buy one get one free $31.93 (2 shirts and 2 tank tops)
Rack Room Shoes -reg price $70- the shoes she has been begging for are $70 could not and would not buy them at that price. -- same shoes were on sale for $29.00.

Regular price $312.47
Sale price $84.40
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Well I didn't need much in the way of supplies - just a 1 subject notebook and some thin markers so I picked them up today - less than $2.

I also bought DS some jeans - 4 pairs at Costco - 12.99 each - last year we will be able to do that they only go up to size 7.

He will still need a couple of light jackets and a couple more pairs of jeans and some shoes but that is it. He has tons of t-shirts and long sleeve shirts from last year that are fine. Not going to buy shoes until it is closer to school - still over a month away - I figure DS is due for a growth spurt right about now. I am keeping the tags and reciept for the jeans just in case he really grows a lot in the next couple of months - he probably won't really be wearing jeans until October.

I can't imagine spending that much on supplies and clothes unless I had to buy a scientific calculator or had a teenage daughter who thougth she needed expensive name brand clothes (of course even DS would love to have more Tony Hawk stuff LOL - I actually like them for him to they fit a lot better but he doesn't need them).
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I don't spend anywhere near $550 dollars. I did start shopping this month since DD will be going to preschool. She already has a backpack that her grandma got her last year and my DS#1 can still use his backpack it is in great condition. I have already got DS#1 3 shirts, a pair of shorts and new socks which cost about $30, he needs a new pair of shoes and underwear. DD has two new outfits which cost a total of about $17. She just needs socks, underwear and a new pair of shoes.
I have not got their supply lists yet so I am still waiting on getting that stuff until I know what they need. I know I am weird LOL but I have always loved BTS shopping, I even used to take my sister shopping for my mom and dad when I was done with school (we are ten years apart). They would give me a list and a budget and I would take her shopping. We usually got to go out to lunch too. It was so much fun.
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we homeschool so I took inventory of the school cabinet and got the few things I needed. Spent less than $20. Went a little crazy last year so there was less to get this year.
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