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12 year old shots!

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I just got home from taking my 12 yr old for his shots and school sports physical for 7th grade. He did okay, but...I am so making my dh take my 11 yr old next year How do your kids handle shots and drs?
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My 11 y/o dd is never thrilled with going to the doctor, but she's getting a little better about it as she's getting older.

The state of Alabama is requiring all kids going into 6th grade to get a shot (Tdap?). She never jumps for joy over getting a shot, but she did OK. She sat there, made a cringe face, and got her shot. In the past, it took me and two other nurses to hold dd still to get a shot.
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Starlite, Your dd sounds like my 11 yr old son! It took 3 of us to hold him down for his flu shot this year. In MN you have to have that shot before entering 7th grade.
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I went with youngest granddaughter last wed, because her mom had a dr. appointment at the same time.

Youngest gd had to get two shots, one in each arm (she is 12).

She did really good, till after it was over then she started crying.
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dd was suppose to get her HEP B and Menengitis shots this past school year. she freaked out big time ( she HATES needles). i even went and got one of those numbing patches for her arm. no go.( our old pedetrician was not kind or nice when it came to shots).
so i had to make an appointment at the health clinic to get it done. another numbing patch( these suckers are $$$ too) and she freaked out and damn near passed out( hyper-ventilating).
we tried another time with another numbing patch and nope.

so she HAS to have these shots in grade 8 or they will not let her go to grade 9. our doctor( who is very nice) cannot do the shots in his office unless we pay for them( they are free through the school) as we do not live in the same city as the doctor practices and i do not have a spare $450 for them( and no we do not get the money back).

i TOLD dh that when she has to get these two shots( plus one booster of one shot) in grade 8 HE is going to go to the school when the school calls saying she will not go down the hall for them. and if she does not get them there HE can take her to the health clinic for them.
dd has already been told the next numbing patch comes out of her allowance as she wasted three of them and still did not get the damn shots!
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My oldest gets allergy shots so shots are nothing to him, although he said the 12 year old shots hurt a lot more than he is used to.

My youngest is horrible when it comes to shots, so I'm with you - my husband will be taking him when it's time for his 12 year old shots.
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My guys go every year for an annual physical and they like their issue there. They're not a fan of shots or blood draw, but they don't make a big deal out of it either.
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In the past year+, I have had to give Maggie TONS of shots. In a way it is almost humorous b/c I HATE shots! Anyway, her doctor (oncologist) gave me an anesthetic cream to put on her and then do the "poke". It has to be on her for at least 30 min - better if there for an hour. We got to the point that we would do it while she slept b/c there was no anticipation of it and then she doesn't even remember it.

Jared gets scared just watching Maggie get her poke. I use the cream for him as well.

If interested, I am not sure the actual name but the cream is pronounced EMLA - Like emily and singing 'la'
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DD thinks shots are no big deal. We have yet to have to do a blood draw, though. And we're really lucky she isn't diabetic or something like that.
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