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Little Girls Pants Question.. Curvy Butt

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Well, DD who is almost 4 is having some clothing issues. Actually, she doesn't KNOW she is having these issues because it is really Mommy who is having them!

She is very tall. She is 40 lbs. She isn't slim, but isn't chubby. She has a curvy butt. It is the butt that gets in the way and I cannot find jeans for her to save my life!! Right now she is wearing Gap and Old Navy fleece pants. But wants jeans... and I have just been putting it off b/c there is no way I would ever tell her she has a curvy butt and mommy cant find jeans that fit her.

I can find jeans, but they're just really really tight.

Does anyone else have this problem?? What jeans have worked for you?? I am new to the preschool kids clothes world and could use some hints.
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My chunky hiney child (!), who is 2 1/2, does well in Osh Kosh jeans. I can get them at the outlet mall, or online pretty easily AND they are not too expensive!
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Have you tried the adjustable waist jeans? I noticed that Gymboree seems to fit my small DD the worst (too loose) and I got some hand me downs that have adjustable waists!
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I have an 11yr old with a Jennifer Lopez bootie and i feel your pain!!! My dd hates wearing jeans though,but when i do buy her jeans it's either in the boys dept. and the loose fitting kind or buy the girls jeans in plus sizes, or the stretchy kind.DD had some jeans from the MaryKate and Ashley line at Walmart and they fit her good.
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my 6 year old dd has a very curvy tushy like her mother. and i buy the simply basic jeans at walmart with the adjustable waist. they work the best to cover up her hiney. she ahs what i call a bubblebutt. and the simply basic jeans work the best. no low sitting pants for that girl. lol. also from sears, they ahve jeans that only have the waistband no zipper or button and they work great as well.
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The children's place also has jeans with the adjustable waist band. I feel your pain trying to find jeans to fit a toddler. My dd has a very small waist so I have trouble finding jeans that are small enough around the waist for her. Even most adjustable waist bands are too big.
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Funny you should post this, as I was just today thinking about how differently built my two girls are. My youngest (21 months) is built more like me, fluffy in the tush and thighs. She's just not fitting onto the slimmer lined jeans that fit her sister so nicely...However, there is a pair that fits her very well that were hand-me-downs from a BOY, so they're boys jeans from the Gap. I'm probably not going to spend the $ for Gap jeans (unless they're at consignment shops or yard sales) but I may find myself shopping in the boys department at other, less expensive stores. Time will tell, but thanks goodness for jersey knit pants!!
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My dd has the same problem! I have found that you can order "plus" sized jeans for little girls at TCP from their website (some of the stores carry them, too!). They are just a roomier cut of their regular styles, which can sometimes be a bit tight in the tush for my dd! I have found that these work the best, and wear the best of anything I have bought. A lot of times you can get them on the sales, too, if you pay attention! I have stumbled on them twice for $7.50! HTH
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I have this problem with both of my children. Everyone says that they have adjustable waists, but that is not the problem. It is the butt that is always too tight. They are both tall as well, so that just adds to the problem. I tried everywhere this year to find jeans for my 5 year old daughter. I finally found some at Target of all places. They are the Circo brand and are just plain bootcut jeans--no flowers or fancy stitching. They were folded on a shelf. A lot of people have told me that they fit her so well. Maybe they would work for your daughter.
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My little girl has the same type of tush and I got her some Levi Strauss from target and they are great! They have the adjustable waist which is good because she has a small waist. And there is plenty of room for her hiney!!
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