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Ramen Noodles?

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Do you buy Ramen Noodles? How much do they cost at your store?

What do you do with them? Are there other recipes you use them for or use as a cheap way to fill up a meal?

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ramen are 69 cents in the store where i shop.( no name ones are 33 cents each).

my family does not likes them but the one child i watch loves them.
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They're six for a dollar at Albertson's.
We keep them on hand for emergencies, and sometimes have a few packs in my desk at work for days when I forget my lunch.
But they're not a favorite. When M'ija was little and I was broke, I ate a lot of Ramen noodles in order to be able to feed her real food.
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i'm not sure how much they are I would guess they are really cheap. I have never fed them to my kids so they don't know about them to much sodium and not really a healthy food item so I skip buying them. Heck I have not eaten them since I was a teenager.
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I never buy them. I only see them in cases at Hannaford but I've never looked at the price.
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I grab a couple when I make cabbage ramen salad (a few times a year) and have no idea how much they cost (maybe .33/pack?). Outside of that, we do not eat them, too much sodium and junky ingredients.
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Once in awhile as a kid I would eat them. Now I try to avoid buying them because of the sodium but DH requests them. He drains the juice when he makes them and I had some that way one time and thought it was gross without the juice. My mom gave me a good idea though she said that you can use half the package of seasoning that way there is less sodium.
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The kids and I really like Ramen noodles. I buy some to eat for lunch a few times a month. I only add about 3/4 of the packet of seasoning . I think they are .49 cents a package?
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Dh buys them to take to work sometimes. I think they are around 20-25 cents per package here. I don't like them so we don't use them for any other recipes.
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I always read alot of recipes that require just the noodles, not the seasoning, as an extra ingredient. Does anyone buy them just for that?
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