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Military Care Packages/Goodie Boxes

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I've been trying to brainstorm on some stuff to put in a care package/goodie box for DH. I know he's going to be working out a lot over there and he's not a huge candy/chocolate fan anyway so junk food is out. I know he has playing cards and stuff like that...I really want to be creative!! Any ideas?? TIA!!
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When my husband was deployed, he liked Gatorade but I had to send the powdered kind. I also sent beef jerky, trail mixes, nuts, crackers w/ peanut butter, hard candy like Lifesavers or mints. And for another friend's husband, I sent some Soduko books, magazines, chap stick and sunflower seeds. Good luck!
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I sent a lot of pics to DH even tho I emailed them too. He loved that. I had my dd draw pics (even tho she was really little and it was really scribbles) I also sent powered drinks, tuna packets (dh worked out a lot there too and didnt like junk) also induvidual oatmeal cups, beef jerky, and dvds I thought the would like. I also got him maxim and playboy. sometimes i wish i hadnt
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When my Dh was gone I would send him something home made. And put it in a food saver bag. He really liked that. I would also tape myself talking to him. Just like he was home. from stuff on tv. to music. He would play that at night when he was sleeping. and lastly. I would tape the tv shows. everything. he thought that was cool. tv show are in short supply.
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Great ideas ladies!! I love the sunflower seeds, pictures, chap-stick and magazines ideas! He would definitely like all of those things. I also want to check out the BX for some inexpensive DVDs because he said his roomate can play them on the laptop. I'm also going to check out the tape-recorder idea. I remember when I was little and my dad used to go out on the submarines my mom would make tapes of us talking and send them to him. Thats a really good idea and I hadn't thought of it before. See? What would I do without Mommysavers??
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I don't know what kind of job your dh has, but when mine deployed he worked in the ER at a CSH and was on his feet all day. I would send him stuff to soak his feet and some foot "refreshing" lotion. He said it felt really good after a 12 (sometimes more) hour day. I also second the tuna packets, my dh loved those. As well as dried fruit, mixed nuts and trail mixes. I also made home made dvd's of the kids playing, dh really liked that. Especially because our 3rd ds was born when dh was gone, so even though dh missed the first 10 months he still got to see the "milestones" on dvd.
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I forgot to add that when my husband was deployed, he had me tape the World Series and other certain games of his favorite teams. The Superbowl is coming up so maybe he would want a copy?
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I'm in the military and so is my husband... Last year I was deployed to Cuba, and he was Kuwait.. I found that burned dvds was teh best thing for both of us, since neither of us wanted to take originals with us.. So anytime I would get anew dvd or something while i was on base, I would burn it and send it to him over to kuwait. and he would do the same.. we had different taste in movies, so we never bought the same movie.. it was nice. we also sent lots of pictures... sometimes i would send him cheasy things like whatever holiday was coming up decorations for it... packages are nice when you are away from home.. i know i got one from a friend of girl scout cookies.. it was great..
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I am making one currently for my cousin in Iraq. I ordered some extra Girl Scout cookies for him since they are "special" cookies that I figured he couldn't get over there too easily.

Also, it helps out my friend's little girl, too.

I am also putting toiletries, DVDs and such in it.
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When my dh was deployed he loved beef jerky and the salsa in the plastic bowl in the chip aisle. I would always do something cheesy like a little kid joke book or decorate the inside of the box for the holidays. Like valentines day in a box. Something to make him laugh. chap stick is great so are baby wipes, any individually packaged toiletry items. Hard candies...if they guys didn't want them they would give them to the kids around.
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