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Swagbucks vs Mypoints

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In your opinion which offers more opportunities for gift cards and rewards or is easier to rack up points to redeem for rewards?
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I'm going with swagbucks. It seems to accumlate faster, and easier to use. My points takes forever to earn anything with just clicking each email, I hardly do it anymore. It IS easy, but kind of a pain to just sit and click emails every day. I seem to prefer swagbucks, its easier to do a search, or get referral bucks. And it seems like I get the bucks faster and earn prizes faster. Love it!
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Hands down it's swagbucks. I can easily earn $10 in amazon gift cards each month on my own. I've never earned mypoints that quickly. Now I'm earning "quite a bit" more than the $10 per month in swagbucks but that's because I have a bunch of referrals. I think mypoints is okay, but if I could only do one it would certainly be swagbucks.

As an aside my DD joined swagbucks this past Sat and she's BURNING UP the points! She's already earned over 200 swagbucks in the 3 days!!!
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I heart SwagBucks. Simple as that!
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Swagbucks adds up way faster, but, I keep mypoints in case I'm shopping and can't find what I want on swagbucks.
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I use both it takes me forever to get points on either one - I don't do that many searches nor do I buy from places that give points very often - wish Amazon gave points LOL. It takes me months to get enough for a $5 card for Amazon on Swagbucks and it seems like it is taking forever to get points on mypoints as well.
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I think Swagbucks is better, too. I've been using MyPoints for about 18 months now. I got a $10 Starbucks gc last year and have finally accumulated enough points for a $50 Amazon gc. I've been using Swagbucks for about three months and I've already accumulated enough for $15 worth of Amazon gc's, very close to another one right now.
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I think swagbucks accumulates faster.
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I use both and when shopping I just compare~ 9 times out of 10 mypoints gives more points. Plus I use a lot of printable coupons lately and those add up if you do them through mypoints!

But for searching- swagbucks
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