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Painting A Crib- Tips??

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I am buying things for the new baby, and we need a new crib. I do not want to spend $100 when I think I can get a used one for next to nothing. The thing is, I am going to paint it white I think (I am doing an actual nursery for the first time) and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to redo a crib-what kind of paint to use.
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I have to be honest and say that I was told to NOT buy a crib that has been painted or to paint a crib at all because babies tend to gnaw as they start pulling up. Also, if they flake the paint at all, they could ingest or inhale it. I don't like to be negative, but I would recommend going a different route. Maybe look around at 2nd hand stores, Goodwill, etc. for a crib that is reasonably priced and will be safe for your precious little bundle.
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I knew someone that had a crib painted by an auto body shop.
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I think most paints today are pretty safe....check the label.
Also, I would not buy a used crib that has been painted either...mostly because paint before the 70's or so sometimes had lead in them. This would be VERY harmful!!!

If you find that it is difficult to sand the old stain or paint off the crib, there are places that you can take furniture where you can "dip" the furniture so that the varnish and stuff comes right off. I dont know how much this is, but I hear it is much easier than trying to sand a large piece of furniture.
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