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everyone in this house is sick!

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everyone in my house is sick. dd has a this persistent cough, ds has a fever, runny nose, barking cough, and very raspy breathing, scard the crap out of me at 2 this morning when he came crying into my room. i have a sore throat, sore neck, and headache, dh is stuffy nad who knows what else. it sucks. i haven't had hardly any sleep in the past two nights. ugh. i hope it all goes away soon. send your non-sick thoughts to my house!! today i will be cleaning every doorknob in the house!! i hate being sick.
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Prayers sent. I hate being sick. I don't get sick often, but when I do, I am a big baby. Well, maybe not that bad, but I hate having a stuffy or runny nose. My little one has a cold, and after the advice from a friend I actually took her to the doctors on only her second day of her cold. I never do that. But she was telling me pnemonia was going around and I should take her in. She did seem miserable, and slept in a couple extra hours yesterday. I felt pretty stupid once I got to the doctors office. I hope you and all your little ones feel better soon.
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I'm so sorry everyone is sick! I will pray that you all get better real soon!
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I hear you on that. I started out sick Saturday morning and it went down hill I swear to you I have never in my life been this sick for 2 days I layed on a body heating pad I hurt so bad!? I dont know maybe I have the flu? But then by Saturday night Ashlee(4) stated getting sick throwing up ICK!! And by Sunday Madison(2) is parked on the couch she has been there with me since Sunday now yesterday I started feeling like I was getting better but by last night I am so sick again Madison this morning is still sick as can be and Ashlee again is saying she isnt feeling good Will we ever be better again??! I have a really bad back and it hurts so bad everytime I cough I want to cry. Well I am sorry to go on about myself and my Family I am sorry you guys are sick and I just want you to know I am right along with you I do THANK the Lord that Matthew wasnt sick this weekend cuz I really dont think i could have cared for the Girls its that bad. So I am guessing we are all gonna be sick yet again this weekend with Matthew right along with us seeing that he cared for us all weekend.
Hope You and the Family are better soon cuz I do know that whatever this is thats going around is BAD
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Ugh. It's so miserable when everyone in the house is sick. I hope you all get to feeling better soon.
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non-sick thoughts coming your son just got over that same thing....just in time to start preschool.....good luck!!!
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I HOPE Y'ALL ALL FEEL BETTER SOON!!!! I hate it when everybody is sick at the same time! Take care and prayers going up!!! Angela
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I feel for you - I had the same problem a couple of weeks ago...Hope everyone gets well soon!!
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Ugh! Sounds nasty. Hope you're all better soon. Go to Dr. if that raspiness sound like bronchitis!
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I hope you all feel better soon..
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