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donating children's clothes to needy kids

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I'm researching starting a new program, mom to mom, and wondering how many moms would be interested in donating used children's clothes DIRECTLY to a mom in need. Any feedback or thoughts are appreciated!
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I usually drop off items that I no longer need to a local thrift store that lets needy families shop for free once a month. It is not very far for me and I can conveniently drop the items off when I run errands in town.
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We donate directly to a shelter, our church's clothing supply for the needy and then to GoodWill, so we wouldn't be interested in giving clothing directly to one person. We already give to places that give away clothing for free to people who need it.
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We donate all outgrown clothing and toys to a local intake center for children entering the foster care system.
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for me there are several unanswered questions.

-is it local

- is there shipping involved and if there is who pays. I say this because you would have to match up the sizes not the ages, so I could potentially have to give the clothes to 3 different moms. which seems like alot of extra work when you just want the clothes out of the house.

- how are people picked for being "needy"

- what policies are in place to protect against abuse of the program

My church has a free store and we also have a program that the school district uses so I try to donate all my items there. There are occasional places I donate but they are all places that give the clothes away free.
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thanks for your thoughts. i appreciate it.
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I do a couple of things with our clothing.

- I yard sale them and the money goes to, well, me.

- I give them to friends. If I have a friend with a little girl that has made a comment on my daughter's outfit, I'll pass it along.

- Or I donate them to the local thrift stores here in town.

Truthfully, I'm not interested in such a program. Thrift store clothing is inexpensive enough that most families can buy clothing there. For those families that cannot even afford that, well, perhaps giving them a store credit to a thrift store and they, in turn, can pick their own items.

I am a big fan of personal choice and many times, from what I have seen, when you give a person a bag of clothing, only one or two items is actually used and the rest can be wasted.
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