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What to do with Old Puzzles?

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I have tons of Old puzzles from when my dd like to put a new one together every week.

Please give me some suggestions of what I can do with these? Any craft Ideas? Any place that would take them as donations? Lets come up wit a list?
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For donations~ Your local library~ ours has a play area for the kids and tons of puzzles. Maybe even schools for their after school programs?

Can't wait to see what craft ideas come up
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We always donate to the local thrift store, and that's where we buy them too. They are 50 cents - $1.00, a great deal. Maybe a nursing home? My grandparents and my husband's grandma both love to do puzzles.

As far as craft projects, here's one I've seen, a puzzle frame: Puzzle Frames
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Put it together and put a big frame over it (with glass) and use as a serving tray.

You can do the same thing, put the puzzle together, put it in a frame and hang it on the wall.

You can put pieces at ramdon on a table, dresser or chest, put clear coat over it and have a unique piece of furniture.
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My mom recently called the local senior center and they were very excited to have her donate a big box of puzzles, so maybe try to find a senior center in your area.
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We donate them to the Childrens Hospitals in the area.

If you want to keep them you could hot glue them around a picture frame and put a picture of your dd in it from the age she was when she loved the puzzle.
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dd just got rid of all hers last weekend. she called daycare centers around here on the friday after school and they said yes they would take them. so we dropped them off saturday morning to the owner at her house. they took the younger kids puzzles and the womens shelter a few blocks over from us took the older kids puzzles.
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if they are childrens puzzles: daycares, after school program, childrens hospitals

adult puzzles: senior homes

or i have used puzzles that are missing pieces a cute frame!!
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Here's another craft idea along the same lines as the frame. Glue the pieces to a large carboard ring. Spray paint silver or green and glue a nice red bow on top to make a Christmas wreath. You could make mini versions for ornaments.
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