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Homemade gifts for brothers

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I am tryign to make all homemade gifts this year (excpet for some of the kids stuff). I have parents all figured out now I can't think of anything for my brothers!! One is 25 and into sports and his car. The other is 16 and into hunting. It need to be fairly inexpensive also. Any ideas????
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Last year I maintained a blog on homemade Christmas gifts. Here is an excerpt from one of my posts:

Mens gifts:
~ Microwave rice heating pads
~ Food: a basket of assorted nuts plus a nut cracker?
~ BBQ apron and a selection of special BBQ spices or rubs
~ Roll-up tool organizer (good for the car or pick-up truck) or maybe a roll-up tool organizer for his woodworking chisels.
~ 5-gallon bucket tool tote - it is usually canvas fabric. The inside goes into the bucket and might have dividers inside, the outside drapes over the lip of the bucket and has a circle of pockets. There is a slit for the handle.
~ A hardware (screws, nuts, bolts, washers, etc) organizer made from baby food jars. Nail the jar lids to a length of wood. Fill the jars with assorted hardware then screw them back onto their lids.
~ Leather belt or cellphone holder (leather stores have kits)
~ Coffee cup cozies (like those cardboard sleeves they put over hot coffee cups at Starbucks except make them from fabric.) Or beer bottle cozies.
~ Embellished T-shirt - maybe stencil on your own funny saying
~ A remote control organizer he can drape over the arm of his favorite chair.
~ Magazine organizers made out of cereal boxes.
~ Heavy-duty moisturizing lotion in some manly scent.
~ Glove compartment organizer
~ Burn a CD of special songs or download a group to put into his MP3 player.
~ Bird feeder
~ Beer glass charms (so the guys don't forget which glass is theirs)
~ If he jogs/runs or just walks the dog a lot, a wristband 'pocket'. It is made of stretchy fabric. He can put his ID and maybe a debit card into a zippered compartment then slip the whole thing on his wrist. Along the same lines, if he travels a lot, a travel organizer - maybe even an organizing system for his expense report receipts.
~ And my hubby is an electronics geek. There has to be some way to keep track of all those wall warts (power supplies). Maybe a huge set of cable and wire identifiers. I just don't know how I'd make them yet.
~ Romantic: Coupon book of 'anything he wants' items. Or a massage - with homemade massage oils? Non-romantic: Detail his car, dessert of the month coupons.
~ A tray or basket for his dresser where he can drop his keys, wallet, etc. Maybe decopage some family photos on it and a few of the kids' handprints.
~ Tie rack? Belt rack? Baseball cap rack?
~ Glass etched mirror - his favorite sports team? his favorite beer? Find the mirror at a thrift store.
~ Gift baskets: For the golfer? balls, tees, hand towel, club covers. For the snacker? cheese logs, salami, crackers. Decide on a theme and go for it!
~ Not just lounge pants but father and son lounge pants!
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Thanks for your post! Unfourtunetly almost all these would be grat for my Dad and FIL or even Hubby, but not my brothers. I am at a total loss!!!
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hmmm, a scarf for the hunter to stay warm in the woods?
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Any young guys will always appreciate food!
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Originally Posted by faerieflr View Post

Any young guys will always appreciate food!

I thought about this. He loves to snack. He is living with us right now, so he (the 25 year old) gets to eat all the stuff I make daily! LOL! I had a few thoughts that are kind of mean like, clorox wipes so he can clean up after himself when he shaves in the bathroom, a trash can for his room. LOL!!
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It isn't homemade ... but for the kid who loves hunting, Cabelas sells some wonder video hunting games. Or you could offer to pay for his hunting license next year.

For the older brother into sports and his car, can you buy him tickets to a game?

Again, think of experiences more than things (if they are living with you, they probably have too much stuff in their rooms as it is). So send the two guys out to the movies or something.
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I don't know what kind of relationship you have with them, but I found a saying a couple years ago I was going to put on a little plaque for my brother, then I found it on a pillow that was pretty inexpensive, so I just bought it instead. The saying is: I smile because you're my brother. I laugh because there's nothing you can do about it! He loved it and keeps it in his chair all the time, won't let anyone use the pillow! Maybe you could do something crafty w/ that on a little wood plaque along w/ a gift card or something?
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JoAnn fabrics has been having those no sew fleece blankets for just a few dollars the last few times I have been in there. They have sports themed ones and also hunting themed ones. Everyone likes a new throw blanket to curl up with on those cold winter nights.
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I was also going to suggest the no sew fleece blankets.
Or what about a magazine subscription? One a sports or car mag and the other a hunting one?
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