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Kids Valentine Box Ideas Help!

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I'm looking for some ideas for making my kids valentine boxes this year, I have a 9yr old son and a 6 yr girl. I don't want to send them in w/ foil wrapped shoe boxes again!
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Family Fun Magazine had some cute ideas in their recent are a couple but they have more!

Valentine Carriers: Valentine Mailbox | Valentine's Tote Crafts | FamilyFun

Valentine's Day Craft: Cracker Box Locker | All Kids' Room Crafts | FamilyFun

They did have one that was shaped like a boat/ship, but of course I can't find it online! Gah! I saw it in the Feb issue of the magazine...

Here are some other ones I found...

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One year we used an empty oatmeal canister for my daughter's Valentine box for school. It was really cute. Now I wish I had taken photos of it!
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One year my son did a shoe box that we wrapped with brown craft paper and then he made little origami frogs that we glued all over the box. We had some blue paper ponds and lily pads too. It was SO cute!
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You could take 2 paper plates cut one in half and glue staple it to make apocket and decoarate it.

A milk jug decoarated.

I love this it is very cute!
Valentine Mail Pouch {tutorial} – Tip Junkie
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I found the Valentine box we made out of an empty oatmeal container.  It's a little worse for wear, but you get the idea.  It was so cute!


valentine box ideas for kids

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