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army bootcamp question

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I dont' know if any of you have experience with Army basic, but do the soldiers get lockers? Just wondering.. Want to send DBIL with a pic of his nephew and him, but I thought I'd put it in a magnetic frame for him.. if they got lockers. thanks
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In Navy bootcamp, the only thing that we had for our personal items were drawers. It might be different for the army. I would send it in the frame anyways, that way if it does have to go in a drawer, it can save it from damage. HTH!
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It depends where they go. A lot of times it is a lot of bunks in one big room. DH tapes his to his bunk.
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MY Dh was is basic 10+ yrs ago, but at time they did have lockers...however, it was against regulation to hang anything. They all had to be kept identical to a demonstration diagram. If you wanted pic you needed to keep them in your wallet. After basic (in his AIT training) you could do anything you wanted.

I don't know if this is still how things I said it was 10+ yrs ago. HTH
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I was gonna say that when my little brother went through basic he wasnt allowed to have anything that was different than what was regiment. meaning the room and all the barracks had to look idenical. Any pics he had were in his wallet and he wasnt allowed to have anything that was on display.
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I spent 10 years in the Army and my oldest son just finished Army basic training at Fort Benning in October. He had an area where he could hang pictures in his wall locker, but if I'm not mistaken (at least from my experience), the wall lockers are wood and not metal now so no place to put a magnet. I send him a text message today and ask him.
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thanks ladies! :D
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I was there 6 years ago, we couldn't have anything on display but we did have a locker.
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If it were me, I'd get the photo laminated...that way it will be protected from dirt, scratches and water...he can keep it whereever he wants, even a pocket without so much worry about tearing it.
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